MotoMan drives the all new Volkswagen Jetta and learns it’s not only an entirely new VW, it’s different for some very big business reasons so in this combo TECH and FIRST DRIVE REVIEW, MotoMan demonstrates the differences between the last gen Volkswagen Jetta and the new generation VW Jetta but also points out why VW made specific changes. As a bonus, MotoMan shares some inside information on the upcoming GLI version of the G2 VW Jetta . . .

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For more information, watch our 2017 VW Golf AllTrack FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxefmdV3YPI

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Héctor Martínez says:

Does it include the emissions test cheat app for that price?

Agent Office says:

WHERE IS THE 2019 GLI???!!!

Marcel Tansie says:

I love when you talk giggy stuff about the car in general, that’s why I’m here. I think the GLI will come with an independent rear suspension, because mass sales is not the aim for the GLI. The GLI is for those who want an affordable, sporty sedan; Thus value for money.

Paxton Williams says:

GLI wishlist: Plaid cloth seats (or cloth recaro’s circa mkIV GLI), sunroof, upgraded audio (fender or whatever they use now) & rear seat vents in console. Plus the mechanical you already noted and winner winner chicken dinner!

Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. says:

I have always been a VW fan, over the years.  But lately they have been giving the public some very bland styling.   This is not a handsome car, its not ugly, its just boring looking.  I think this car is blah.  Great review however, I enjoyed all the explanations.

akshay patel says:

With the MQB platform VW group cars with horse power below 150 (or 160, can’t recollect) will have a torsion beam suspension. I am from India and over here Skoda Octavia (which shares the same platform as VW Jetta) gets a rear torsion beam for 2.0 TDI Diesel (143HP) vs. real multi-link for 1.8 TSI Petrol (178HP).

Derek Kent says:

The GLI should also have non-fake exhaust pipes.

private says:

No offense motoman, but I don’t see you review a corolla or civic, why are you reviewing a jetta? I know you love european cars but this is ridiculous.

Giorg189 says:

It’s identical to Fiat Tipo. Is Fiat going to sue VW?

EVs for Donkeys 2018 says:

All I want from VW is to change their name to Volt wagon #GoElectric

KarlosRobles Robles says:

Needs better sport rims

William Monto says:

I’ve owned (2) GTI’s and (1) GLI. New GLI – Same drivetrain as a PP GTI along with brakes. Bring back Xenon / LED headlights. Adaptive suspension, GTI style exhaust, lowered ride height — maybe even AWD????? I would be careful with the rim and tire option and I actually may not go as aggressive there or else use more durable rims. They all have had rims that bend too easy. It’s a great car until you bend two rims every winter on the NJ Turnpike and you drive with vibrations for the next 5,000 miles with your wife complaining about your wheel choice. Incidentally, I have yet to have a car other than a VW with bent rims, this includes a BMW with just ever so slightly higher profile tires (45’s, instead of 40’s). In fact, it’s the primary reason why I decided against potentially getting a 2018 Golf R.

Bill H says:

Not only did VW cheat on diesel emissions they, also, for economic reasons, decided to park all those cars in abandoned parking lots to rust out instead of fixing them. Screw VW.

Ben Vernick says:

Dream GLI would have Tartan Plaid seats and 4MOTION. Don’t think any Jetta has ever had 4MOTION?. Maybe in a limited edition GLI-R model? Digital Cockpit and 2.0 liter turbocharged engine standard. DSG and optional Manual of course.

Shannon Stjulien says:

after the scam run on hard working Americans, who have never really been made whole, im off the vw brand. i wish more reviewers would remember and include that in the tally at review time, im pretty sure that would somewhat dull the shine of vw products and personnel. its a sad and unfortunate situation, not because of this car, but that arteon looks like it will be a game changer in vw design.

RL Agito says:

peoples car my butt. toyota is peoples car. toyota gives u port and direct injection now. no dirty intake valves. 40% thermal efficiency and more power.

Jorge says:

GLI should be based on Mk 8 GTI with (in order of importance)

1. Manual (in addition to DCT) in several trims
2. Multilink in the rear
3. Mechanical LSD
4. Interior of GTI with knobs, especially volume, tuning and a/c
5. Deletable sunroof option
6. AWD “R” version with better system than current Golf R Haldex system

Price: 2-4k more than similarly equipped GTI/ Golf R

Brian says:

Two tone leather (red and black) other red details. Give is interior design
220 -240 hp
AWD ( MQBs A3 had AWD )

Vlad Saghin says:

Every trim gets a standard 6 spd manual in Canada so you can have vented seats and the digital cockpit and still row your own gears. I wish the R-Line was more distinctive with a different bumper and maybe some small side skirts and rear diffuser. I find that a black grille and different alloys isn’t enough to differentiate it. The R-Line bumpers on the Tiguan or Passat are really good looking and there should be something similar on the Jetta

Max Goldberg, BSME says:

I feel like the only proper way to do a GLI is to make a GTI sedan. There’s no really pertinent or out-of-left-field requests. I’d say don’t make the car ugly in the name of sportiness, like honda did with the Civic Si, but this is VW and they wouldn’t do that anyway.

I’d request that the manual transmission be tuned more like the 5-speed in the golf than the 6-speed in the GTI. Don’t make 2nd gear hit redline at 57 mph to add an extra shift point so the DSG gets a better 0-60 number. Car buyers know if they want a manual or not. If the manual is faster to 60 than the DSG, just lie and say they’re both identical.

Tully3674 says:

This review doesn’t excite me. Maybe because so few VWs are seen in SoCal. Or I don’t see the car as a major player (of influence) in the market. But I’ll give you a thumbs up because you did a doube-take of my girlfriend at the past L.A. Auto Show (she is hot!).

Mark Day says:

Looking forward to seeing the GLI version. VW please make a non sunroof Jetta that is a deal breaker for me. At this time I drive a Golf and a GTI with out sunroof. and they do just fine less weight no rattles and no water leaks.

madant1977 says:

Yes, a torsion beam in an R-Line is blasphemy. But as You said, US wanted less expensive. I just didn’t expect VW to give you torsion beam on R in US. 🙂

SkiRaceGeek says:

The GLI should have at least the same engine as the Arteon, with 268hp but coupled with a manual transmission IN ALL TRIM LEVELS. I own a 2012 GLI and wouldn’t mind upgrading to such car.

Dan Soderholm says:

A real sporty exhaust. No fake radio nose either

Eric Pettersen says:

I thought the same came in a manual

cdkiss says:

I like the sunroof. My old 03 Passat. Six spd manual on the Jetta. A non reflective dash!Manual sunscreen in the rear.

Kris B says:

Great video as usual…

coin master says:

Cloth/Alcantara seats would be nice as an option. Also, availability of AWD and a sunroof delete option. Never mind, it sounds like AWD would not be possible according to this review.

Noel Santos says:

A six speed manual would be nice.

Pierre Nantais says:

Here in Canada, we can order any Jetta with a 6-speed manual transmission. VW Canada says 20% of all Jettas are manual. I’m ordering an R-Line in Habanero Orange with a 6MT. Also, the R-Line’s suspension is 15mm lower. Excellent review, and the first on the R-Line, the one I want.

DylValentine says:

Looks so much like an an Audi 3 series it’s not funny

MBisFrenchy says:

I would rather have the competing Hyundai / Kia with a better warranty and technology.

Mark Kibbe says:

I’d honestly rather have the Mazda (fun to drive, manual on all trims) or Kia/Hyundai (better warranty and value) equivalent than this.

Brandon S says:

Looks like a tugboat.

usernamefromhell says:

Make the GLi more affordable, people who want the sportiness, don’t necessarily want all the luxury. No navigation, sunroof, leather, DSG, none of that stuff, people who want the sport model want the sporty suspension, diff, brakes, engine, and a manual, that’s it. Sure, offer the other luxurious stuff as an option, but don’t force the people who want the sporty model to pay for all the extraneous luxury stuff.

Leslie White says:

A performance enhancing mild hybrid.

HERBERT leitner says:

I guess gas struts for the bonnet a USD 300 option

Chandra Sekhar says:

VW nailed it. Right on the face of Honda and Toyota

kendell patel says:

I want to see some nice 19 inch wheels instead of the boring ones on all these other trims

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