Car Tech – 2014 Volkswagen Passat SEL
The new 2014 Volkswagen Passat SEL Premium competes in the toughest category with the likes of the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima. Brian Cooley takes it out for a drive and checks the tech.


Nick Olsen says:

I honestly don’t understand why they are upset it has no driver assistance tech. If you can’t park a car, keep in your own lane, and reduce your own speed before hitting the car in front of you you should not be driving period. 

godfatherNYC says:

Man, does this guy know how to review a car. The more I watch other car review channels, the more I just wish Brian was the one reviewing ALL of them.

TheEpicTurban says:

I know that this is cnet and i shouldn’t expect them to review are car like a normal car reviewer, but come on you bashed on the car’s entertainment system only and never touched on the amaing looking interior, the luxourious seating and dashboard materials, and the legroom in the car.

Zayan Mohamed Salil says:

00:59 Jetta?

Bronco2Cj says:

Is anyone out there having issues with slowness and lockups with the RNS 510?

John Kehoe says:

you said jetta instead of passat around the 1 minute mark

ellomirza says:

You called it a Jetta Cooley, and apparently that $0.99 clock in the dash is “nice design.”

ProfessorLumpFat says:

Did he say it was a Jetta? 0:52

James Roybal says:

Who wants all the tech of the American boys when you have to put up with the horrible interiors, bad reliability, and high prices? This car is cheaper and better quality than Fords, GMs. Dodge is so ugly its not even on the list. Yes it’s a big Jetta, funny thing, the only thing I don’t like about the Jetta is that it’s too small… hmmmm

razorcraft20 says:

it’s weird how the interior and brake lights looks the same as the jetta

max audi says:

0:54 Cooley slip? Jetta?

Milton Ervin says:


mountainhobo says:

The only way this Passat would make sense is SE TDI and manual (~US$27K). And it would still be overpriced for what it is.

CACressida says:

Those textures on the plastic are pretty bad..

RC97 says:

i have a 08 bmw 528xi and I would like to upgrade to a 2012 and above volkswagon passat tdi

Ricky Owens says:

Nice interior

diesel mutt88 says:

2:50 The system is well capable of blue tooth for that which works great in this car and then you don’t have to deal with that “pigtail thing”.

Kh Wong says:

oh dear, why don’t just keep the rear design simple 
and that is how the car looks one of a kind

Chris G says:

Seems to be the most mundane car out there, both inside and out

Scott Campbell says:

jetta and passat both have a nice design, even fooley was confused

mapfund says:

0:53 “because we’re in a fairly high trimmed Jetta…..” Um, you’re in a Passat.

cameron campbell says:

Would like to see a review on the TDI version

TheMisterTroll02 says:

they need to change the grille

fantomtuba says:

0:53 “Because we are in a high trim Jetta”

Miguel Benitez Zayas says:
Jack Koh says:

What does he say at 1:56?

Noah Barrett says:

Haha 0:53, “high priced jetta”

jetguy1205 says:

0:54 he called it a jetta

dayofglory777 says:

I’d pick a Mazda 6 with a 6-speed manual

Onmyway2slayabeastibecame1 says:

The “diesel noise” and intermittent power loss is a very bad sign. I think I’ll PASSat.

Torrey Braman says:

What’s a “bing” search?

Maius Wong says:

0:54 Psst…. *Passat

Justin Miller says:

I have the 2013 SE black in color, beige interior. My brakes are REALLY squeaky. Like REALLY squeaky at slow speeds and at high speeds on the freeway (which I drive a lot on since I live in Los Angeles). I’ve taken it to three different VW dealers and they won’t do anything about the squeakiness since my rotors and pads look okay. The squeakiness is super embarrassing to me since I drive a lot, and a lot of my driving is city driving in traffic at slow speeds. I hate to say it, but I’ll be really hesitant to get another VW after this one. I really love the brand, but have been really disappointed at VW’s lack of responsibility for acknowledging the squeakiness, and their unwillingness to provide some sort of fix for my relatively new car. I’ve spoken to other newish Passat owners and they have also acknowledged the brake squeakiness and have also commiserated with VW’s lack of help to remedy the situation other than, “all VW brakes squeak.” Buyer beware.

Otherwise, I really like the quality of materials on the interior of my car, and I do agree with what’s his name, I think the look of the car is pretty handsome and timeless. 

The Zebra Vlogs says:

At 0:52 he calls it a Jetta that just goes to show how much a passat looks like a Jetta

Arman Hirose-Afshari says:

Didn’t he mistakenly say Jetta in the beginning?

Darrell Parker Jr says:

The noise is the turbo. TSI engines have that noise regardless .

Kenneth Martin says:

:55, Jetta?

Furious Dragon says:

America is Superpower Country ? American Roads are Fucked up 5:20

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