Car Tech – 2015 Volkswagen CC 2.0T R Line

The Volkswagen CC is the carmaker’s top-of-the-line model, but why are there so few on the road?

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David Van says:

The thing that pisses me off about VW is the fact all of the good technology is kept in Europe and Asia for whatever reason. They treat the North American market like we’re second class citizens, and wonder why sales are so sluggish. Maybe bring over, oh gee, I don’t know, tech that every other automaker offers and maybe you’ll start selling some cars.

bradh716 says:

That tech thing…Dealbreaker. Unfortunate.

geminiratpatrol says:

errr hmm is it a cc coupe

TravisCollinsVlogs S says:

In the 2016 Passat CC vr6 4motion is the Dyanudio system the 10 speaker system with the 4 subwoofers (1 in each door) and the 3 way up front and 2 way in the rear still the setup? Or is there another Setup by Dynaudio?

佚名 佚名 says:

Under power for the size of this car.

Simon Inglis says:

This is a car for Europe or NZ/Australasia. America won’t get it. Simple driving mode a very good idea. And VWs little problem that dare not speak it’s name necessitates a car to buy in confidence of it lasting. Also as the ICE nears it’s ultimate this is a proper car.

texan176 says:

They should offer the 6 cyl engine in the R line trim for maybe $2500-3000 more and pair it to a 6 speed manual only; no automatic.  It would be a nice car at under $40K with that combo.

But really, under $30K buys a used but under warranty Infinity M56 that has a 420 horse V8 and has more tech/comfort/power than most cars under $70K new.


I love the infotainment in my ram 2500

Trades46 says:

When you realize a Hyundai Genesis 3.8 costs about the same, has much more upscale tech features, much better build quality (hard to believe I know) and proper RWD platform…

Seriously VW what the heck are you thinking with this car?

Jasp Di says:

The styling is starting to look dated

jrors93 says:

LMAO at 2:15….”Is that Pacman, sticking his tongue out??”

lol Classic Cooley!

Guang Yang says:

That 30 sec unskippable commercial for a 4 min. video is insane 🙁

James Russo says:

Does anyone know the song in the background while he’s in the car?

frostsealber08 says:

muck furrica

Jake Martin says:

The interior is the epitome of bland and awful in the car world.


Had a VW Passat 06.  I’ll never go VW again.  Too unreliable.

fergy44207403 says:

Why ? VW Why ?

spoonman73 says:

The interior is very nice and refined. We don’t need any of that soft touch bullshit that will be gummy in 5 years. 6 speed manual is awesome and should be an option on all models. What it really needs is a 6 cylinder+6 speed combo in order to sell. Otherwise it is just overpriced for what it is and I would just get the Jetta GLI or move up to an Audi. We consumers are not stupid even though Volkswagen treats us as if we are. My, have they lost their way in recent years. Whatever happened to Fahrvergnugen? You used to get something special when you bought a Volkswagen. Now they just cater to soccer moms.

Tidgy says:

Lol looks exactly like a *ford* at the front, and back looks like a rounded 2005 Jetta, the old one was way better. I gave up with VW products ages ago when they became very unreliable.

Knife Nut says:

This guy in the video is just a hater. He probably drives a Chrysler Sebring

King Reef says:

Brian Cooley should makes a video avout VW recent cheating

h3ro7 says:

here in Europe. 2  liter engine with 200 hp is a  really big engine 
here people are happy with something  between 1> 1.8 liter and 80>150 hp on average ^^

JustLucky says:

VW-isn’t a car! it’s a shit.

Torrey Braman says:

I thought I was the only one who goes crazy about the power/volume knob. I have to leave it upright and only use steering wheel controls

Alex Soto says:

The 2017 CC R-Line Executive still doesn’t offer much, even though it’s around 40k+ no pano roof smh. Even Kia offers pano roof Birdseye view and their cars are around 35k for top of the line.

arif rifz says:

nexus 5..epic

XPoChangLinX says:

Why do I have the feeling that VW simple doesn’t care about the US market.
I live in TW and my golf us better equip than this CC. My cousin actually has this CC
and it has lane dep. warning, napa leather, sun roof, climate control, bigger screen…
List goes on. Also, we’re actually waiting for the new CC now and stopped sales of
this iteration.

Yiyang BAO says:

2L Turbo only 200HP?  Not much by today’s standard right?  GT86 flat4 2L NA has 200 HP

kookieless says:

Buying a 2013 one tomorrow.

Blake.TV says:

Basically an 06 Passat with some style.

sergh8605 says:

I like his car and know that I know I can get it in manual I’m all about it

Sal Romito says:

Looks elegant, classy, sleek and performs well as all European cars do. I’ve had one for 5 years but not had good luck on reliability.

Redfox says:

I guess that adding the extra safety features that cooley talked about, will raise the price significantly and thats what VW dont want to, strategically speaking, as they want to keep the price up to the consumer level!

raul cardona says:

Just purchased a used 2013 CC and I was very surprised with the active headlights which turn with the steering wheel. Also the frame-less windows and seat design are very nice. I have not driven the competitors but feel that the CC gives you a refined look and feel not found on the domestic or Asian imports of comparable price range.

Gregory Trane says:

Despite some of it’s short comings, I really like this car. It’s unique styling and sporty driving and tied down, reasonably comfortable ride, really works for me. This Volkswagen has gotten more expensive over the years, but has seasonal deals cut that expense to a more reasonable cost. Overall, not a bad car that one can live with as a daily driver.

PeterV says:

I have a 14 and regret buying it.

quietguy1948 says:

I’ll pass… too underwhelming and expensive.

TheAdventureMazda says:

Long story short, don’t buy this car.
I laugh every time reviewers talk about interior plastics by tapping on it saying it’s cheap. It doesn’t look bad and probably doesn’t creak, so who cares. I’d rather manufacturers skimp on that than somewhere else. My Mazda has a soft touch interior, and it’s annoying as hell to wipe dust off of. Give me cheap plastics please!!

jump oricakle says:

I think the CC is really more comparable with a Toyota Avalon and not infiniti or Acura. its like a luxury car that is just not luxurious enough to get into the brands luxury brand (Audi) but better than the brands Cheapest cars. for those interested Cooley forgot to mention the V6 engine makes 295hp   260 torque

iBallisticPancankes says:

ok if you don’t like the cc go get the 350 Mercedes for 120k. …
please i would rather have less electronic crap anyways i got a cc and love it.

Mahin Ahmed says:

Better deal than the 3 series

rohanuva says:

Did anyone else notice the mic being pushed towards his head at around 2:42. hahahaha

RedLightDistrict31 says:

Omg I thought that volume thing only bothered me! I want it to stay in the same spot! He’s right… it’s the little things.

Halyn Roth says:

I’m not so sure that Volkswagen is trying to compete with Acura and Infiniti here. There is still some cheapness in this car (as was pointed out in the video, hard plastics on the dash) that I would associate with lower end cars. I think this car is more competing with full size sedan offerings from Chevy, Ford and Toyota. That’s not to say the CC isn’t a nice car, because it is. But it’s just not a luxury car.

computerapple4 says:

Best value at 20k in unque styling.

Basik Vids says:

looks like shit, sales numbers don’t lie. I see these things selling below 12k low miles, must be a good reason. It won’t be around long.

Simon Inglis says:

This is a car for Europe or NZ/Australasia. America won’t get it. Simple driving mode a very good idea. And VWs little problem that dare not speak it’s name necessitates a car to buy in confidence of it lasting. Also as the ICE nears it’s ultimate this is a proper car.

Jeff K says:

Weird it didn’t get the new 2.0T.

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