Car Tech – 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf
VW’s e-Golf is the car maker’s first EV to hit the U.S market. But how does it stack up against other electric vehicles like Ford Fusion Electric, Nissan Leaf and Fiat 500e?


Scott K says:

I think you mean the Focus Electric, Brian. The Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid, not a full electric.

mrjost55 says:

Did he ever mention the expected range? I feel like I zoned out a lot and missed it.

Volt Lover says:

Fusion electric? The Fusion is a hybrid

Bryan says:

I honestly think just give the e golf a couple of years. Especially once the MK8 comes out. Still though as with a lot of electric cars. Not completely practical for a lot of users. Good luck living in the midwest with any EV. Especially if you live in an apartment where overnight charging simply isn’t an option. Eventually I would like an EV that is a ways off. Mostly due to my own financials but simply put EVs aren’t there yet. I drive out of town once ever month or 2. I simply don’t have time to recharge my car on a 3 hour drive. Then I am also doing a lot of driving in Dallas or OKC depending on where I am for the day. They need something that can deliver a solid 500-700 miles of range before I would even consider an EV. It will happen though. As for the issue related to the GOLF. VW with the MK7 really should have addressed the issues with the touchscreen head unit. As with a lot of auto makers they seem to have problems making a decent res display that is super responsive. Say what you want about an iPhone however the 1st gen iPhone had better functionality and snappiness than just about any current auto touch screen. The iphone came out in 2007 and the ipad in 2010. Plus android is great. I don’t know why more auto makers don’t android or qnx. Seems strange the Golf has a good look interior, steering wheel, etc. Yet it all falls flat with the touch screen in the middle. It really needs to be a 7 inch. Especially if there is navigation. I also don’t understand car companies putting in SD cards in the vehicles. No one uses SD cards for that. Also VW needs to get over using their own cable and just pit in a usb port. Car companies also need to drop disc drives in their cars. Especially if they know the target audience for the vehicle is younger.

SoSickWidit says:

I imagine people would prefer this over a leaf or 500e simply based on design. This is just about the only electric car you can get right now without being weird, girly, or rich

Bryce says:

Cant wait for the Tesla model three

John Mitchelson says:

Was that so hard?? Cooley is the best, just keep him doing every single video 🙂

Carlos Malave says:

Yep. Tesla’s model 3 will be the true electric for the mass market. The model 3 is going to kick some a**.

Brett Friedman says:

There is no ford fusion electric

n0b0dy_ep1c says:

YOLO street at 2:02


@cnet error in your tech talk,  EPA MPGe is 116 not 112,  I just picked mine up from the dealer, and the EPA rating is 116 with 83 mile range, which is perfectly fine for my 30 mile commute from SSF to the Presidio and back. The E-golf may have so so numbers but it IS the most efficient user of it’s power in the compact class.

Veyronp87 says:

nice enough commuter car i guess

Nobody YouKnow says:

Kindly come to terms with your ass for it bears you.   So, there are 3 levels of regenerative braking not just one.   There is probably a 10% range increase over leaf.. due to efficiencies of machine and battery design.  The battery doesn’t ” cool itself”  it is conduction cooled to the frame of the car.. with some air cooling also.  The batter is NOT a Panasonic.. it is a VW proprietary design.. with ample videos of their R&D efforts here on youtube.  Fit and finish is superior to us made leafs.. and handling is nimbler… not an issue unless you live in the twisties like I do.  Nobody charges with 120 Volts.. unless they are stuck in gitchy goomey and cant find a dryer outlet at the motel.  Fiat and other “compliance cars”  aren’t serious compettiton.. no volume, and not Mfr. serious intent.  This is perhaps THE Serious Competition for Leaf.. because it is also a World Car – like Leaf.

Dennis Xu says:

If those pie dish rims allow a car to be more aerodynamic, why don’t we see them on regular gas/diesel cars?

Alex Kovshovik says:

Brian, why do you upload the video in the “interlaced” format? It doesn’t look crisp as it should look.

CragScrambler says:

“Nobody uses SD cards for media”. LoL @ old people.

Tito Nogueira says:

how much would it cost to have a 240 charging system?
And a high current charger system? Is it possible to carry the high current charger system in the trunk and have charging anywere? That would be awesome for traveling

Oscar Hernandez says:

My i3 puts this to Shame….

David Van says:

Is there a reason VW doesn’t give the U.S. market any good technology? No driver assistance, dated media and a pathetically small and lo-res infotainment screen, and they wonder why U.S. sales are struggling.

alextheromanian says:

this shitty car misses every mark possible. crap range crap price crap weight…costs as much as a decently loaded passat…if you buy used now you can find a TDI passat for 26k which some have gotten 80 MPG with. beats a 10 hour charge wait any

Jonathan Ng says:

I really like the design of this generation of the VW Golf . Yeah the price of this VW Golf E is too high ,  i think a golf GTI/GTD or Jetta Hybrid/TDI is a better choice 

Robert Corser says:

PLEASE state “Cooley” in the video description. Those are the only car vids I watch and I almost missed this one. He is the best!! Thank you!!

Burner Productions says:

any news on the egolf 2017 range?

Micho Jeb says:

Would you have chosen this car over the BMW i3?

James Gordon says:

Strange that there is a complaint about whine and gear noise just as in his review of the Soul EV Yet neither vehicle appears to exhibit the noise that he refers to.. There is a small “jet like” noise that comes from the Leaf and the Soul EV but sounding like a jet is way cool.

Benjamin Williams says:

Ha Ha Cooley Said “In The World Of The Bean Counters”…   I love he marries his choice of words into hard hitting, clean, colorful phrases. Hip Hip Hurrah Brian Cooley.

Scott Campbell says:

video audio is fked up

bechrist says:

This guy does great car reviews. Thank you!

elukok says:

Come on. You can’t let us watch 30 FPS after we saw what the 60 FPS is…

Tim Joseph says:

Electric cars, hybrids, and direct injection engines, along with turbo and supercharged engines with idle stop/start systems helped bring down the cost of fuel and lowered the demand for fuel. The national average for gasoline prices are less than $3.00 per gallon.

Jin says:

90Mile range + 36K price tag = FAIL

Tim Young says:

Wow this car is really unimpressive. 90 miles…are you serious? That coupled with when I saw the not one but two SD card slots for media which Brian is right, no one uses, I lost respect for this car

jldude84 says:

I love the look of this car, but until they get 200 mile range, 0-60 below 8 seconds, and less than 6 hour full charge time, I’ll stick with gas.

podcastbard says:

with all the tech in vehicles its a wonder that they are safe and don’t distract the driver. There is something that can be said by knobs and buttons.

Deion B says:

You mean ford focus electric Brian, not fusion

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