Car Tech – Volkswagen Golf-R
CNET’s Antuan Goodwin gives us his take on the all new Volkswagen Golf-R at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Although not entirely new on the outside, inside the Golf-R runs on VW’s latest engine technology and the 4Motion system for braking.


AmiralJG says:

I finally began to appreciate Antuan Goodwin , this guy deserve this luck! Although Colley still the number one 🙂

rzorNvme says:

Is that a 6 cyl or 4. Got damn its beast. I want it all black everything or grey or yellow

andreeekim says:

The headlights seem like BMW’s.

nrgy3000 says:


Sameer Chauhan says:

Excellent engine but the looks are boring

ToxicHorsePucky says:

Well, damn…

TheOnlyGHOST1015 says:


DelanoGoesToDenmark says:

The CLA45 AMG is probably going to be $14k more than this.

ai6311 says:

bring the 2-door version stateside, please!

JaySee5 says:

Those are nice numbers, but 2 important ones are missing: weight and price.

Joe O says:

rather have a CLA45 amg…R models have always been mediocore. i thought they weren going to be for USA.

thevin92 says:


kiramama says:

yeah agreed, looks could be sportier to match that award winning engine

Hiluxtaco says:

Love the blue color..

Mario Estrada says:

Good info

zhaviator says:

i like those looks though, makes it more a wolf under sheep skins

Hiluxtaco says:

This is the same engine that will power the 2015 Audi S3..

Sameer Chauhan says:

I know what you mean but if I’m going to spend that much money on a hatchback it needs to look special.

Dante Gonxhja says:

fuck you mama faka

Wizardryyy says:

That’s what I said, pretty much. Coming from an owner of a brand-new 2013 WRX hatch.

ThatBlackGuy says:

I totally agree with you. I really like Antuan Goodwin now!!! Kudos for Cooley!!

alfamale81 says:

DO NOT even show me the 3 door model, i want the 5 door model, lovely specs it has !!!!

Greg Santiago says:

The 5 door is going to be my first brand new car, especially if those wheels on the white one come with it.

nolodo says:

The car looks angry.

El Tigre says:

My next carrr

Above-second says:


Ched Cheese says:

This is my Grid 2 car

Mathew Duardo says:

The only problem is it still looks like a Golf

Noob says:

i don’t know who’s editing these car videos at CNET, but they’re doing a great job of keeping my attention. i love the music btw.

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