Car Tech – VW Golf GTI and GTD
At the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, Volkswagen gaves us a look at not one but two models of their popular Golf vehicles, the GTI and the GTD. CNET’s Wayne Cunningham breaks them down and tells us what’s so hot about them.


yourfast07 says:

91Megabill you have no idea what you talking about, a lot of people drive a lot, like I do, I make about 30 mpg on my Gti, 56 mpg I would fill up every two weeks and saves me $100, plus this is German tdi not American, it’s clean tdi, everyone wants to pay less for gas, but not everyone will drive Prius lol.

mx5hong says:

Cnet, stop quoting European cycle mileage figures. It’s confusing people. EU Cycle is much different than our EPA cycle. If you’re gonna quote it, make sure to specify it as the EU cycle.

jrmt6 says:

VW America, please bring the GTD to the US. I would totally buy that instead of the TDI.

Ryebanana says:

The only bad thing about the GTD is that it only looks good in white or red!

Sexy car though.

Ryebanana says:

To be fair the 120d has a faster 0-62mph time (7.2secs) but you are right, both have 184bhp

JaySee5 says:

BURNING QUESTION!!!: Does the GTD have the same optional Sport Package with the mechanical LSD?

Spawn223311 says:

gtd! that mpg is so sexy

r2stik says:

vuitton seats :-)??? LOL

SSC3034 says:

What are you going on about?

Ångello Dîablo says:

i want this!

Jim Paras says:

4Motion GTD…PLease.

ak86channel says:

i dont know where you have seen a 123d bmw but if you mean 120d or the 320d they both could not put out more than 184hp like the tdi.and you should know its not a matter of brand power its amax power that a 2.0 liter diesel engine can put out.the bmw introduced the new 2.0diesel 184hp maybe more than a year before the tdi.

Cristian Delgado says:

50 miles to the gallon??????

Darcy Jake says:

under 10 club

jmcphee7 says:

Fuel in the UK is about $12 US a gallon, the GTD makes sense. It does 0-60 in 7.5 seconds and by the way, which isn’t slow. This is 2013 and Diesels are no longer noisy. Fool


i want GTD in south africa

Yannick de Vries says:

Ahh why didn’t you take Cooley with you? That would have been fun 🙂

OddManOut44 says:

Prepare to be angry then. VW has stated they will bring the GTD to the US for the 7th gen.

Alexander Lugovoy says:

Don’t think that they would bring it to US, GM would not allow them. And even if they would bring it, it would cost about $40k.

Ryebanana says:

Carbon grey with the red brakes looks nice too.

Stephen N says:

Rumor has it that the american versions are going to be made in Mexico, like the Mk7 Golf. That is a deal breaker, since the “Made in Wolfsburg” was part of the appeal. As far as looks go, its a serious step backward. The Mk6 is a much better looking car

sssukaPSN says:

Shasm D

chris ce says:

…We all want what we can’t have.

ShiroSky102 says:

Come on CNET. Where lamborghini Veneno, ferrari la Ferrari , , mclaren P1

tgfunky says:

I’d love the GTD in CANADA we always get handy downs

mx5hong says:

I’m sure the guy was quoting the European cycle figures from the press release which is much different than our EPA rating. And I won’t be surprised if the gallons quoted was imperial gallons, which again, is different than US gallons. So, in other words, apples and oranges. If it comes there, expect mpg figures somewhere in the range of the current TDI.

josef959 says:

This is the next generation golf GTD; from the Mk7 Golf range

RayzaBlayz says:

Volkswagen STD

myles johnson says:

0 club

A says:

I don’t think I got stop myself from licking the red GTI

etappenhengst says:

I use the GTD in Germany, there is no speed limit. The car is pure fun, fast, sporty and economical. Just great, 240 Km/h and 8 liters of diesel

Lloyd Lucas says:


Hannah Lionberger says:

Megabill you have no idea what you’re talking about. Pahaha

Mehdi Difallah says:

Golf 7 GTD 184hp in 2013…. We are far from a BMW 123d’s 204hp back in 2008… Long live BMW..

al bundy says:

we have it here in australia.

Nedtella says:

I cant wait to score so many hot girls with my sexy fuel mileage in my new GTD. Come on VW.

Joseph Schatz says:

I want the GTD here in America

Michael Simms says:

GTD has been on sales in Australia for a couple of years

Frank S says:

jensen chase says:

Even if its made in Mexico, it will have to pass German standards.

Shahul Usman says:

Wish 4 motion gtd… Id take the fwd gtd

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