First Drive: 2015 Volkswagen eGolf

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There’s officially a Volkswagen Golf for everyone. The standard Golf is a go-to choice in the compact hatchback market. Enthusiasts love the GTI, and diesel-drinking enthusiasts can’t wait for the GTD to get here (seriously… hurry your asses up on that one VW).

Now Volkswagen has a Golf for the ultra-green set. It’s the 2015 eGolf, and it’s the automaker’s first shot at a fully electric machine here in the United States.

What makes it special beyond its propulsion system? Nothing… and that’s why people will like it.

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Cold_Fox89 says:

Would rather get that shit civic than that american peice of shit.


I’ve owned the e-Golf since Nov 2014 and all I can say is wow! What a fun car! And efficient without having to drive like a Prius, fast off the line and super quiet. I’m averaging 4.3-4.6 mpkWh on my 44 mile commute. That’s pretty good! And I’m NOT driving like a geezer, I’m having fun. So much so I haven’t driven the R32 for several weeks at a time, poor thing. I’ve definitely been bitten by the EV bug and there’s no going back to gas ever again!

DoubleD 613 says:

Great vid man as always! Nice to see regular cars as well as super cars. Keep up the reviews and as i always say make them more frequent..

tom tague says:

double check, my traction control is found under the car settings in the computer system.


mine just arrived at the dealer, picking it up tonight!!! gotta make room in the garage now next to the MK4 R32. Can’t wait to start my journey into EV commuting!

MoronicAcid1 says:

Why do you show an ad with a muscle car and a Japanese car, when this is a video appealing to German auto enthusiasts? Just…

Scott Campbell says:

good vehicle review, thanks jeff

Andrew Cathcart says:

So Jeff, how does it compare to the 918 in full electric? 😀 Haha but really another great review. Electric vehicles, to me, seem to be a better deal to lease. And $299 a month is amazing for what is probably the coolest EV right now. Now only if they can ever get the Scirocco to the states… 

Timothy Richey says:

You can get the more basic trim, limited edition I believe for around 158 a month.

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