Introducing the new Volkswagen Touareg.

Be moved by design that moves with your life. The new Touareg pairs a sleek, stunning exterior with forward-thinking technology. It’s made to impress from every angle, with every drive. Discover more at:


Mason French says:

looks like an Audi Q7 with a different grill and badge…

Mr. Queasy says:

Wow another SUV, fun

Roshan Ranjit says:

Cheaper Bentayga, Q5 with a different hair style!

C C says:

Name of the Song ? _ Shazam say´s : NOPE. THx forthe help!

Jet Luo says:

Apple carplay or Android auto?

Eliezer Schabes says:

Cheap Bentley SUV?

Bernd Langner says:

Es handelt sich um eine 24 Std Sabotage.

valters ordo says:

dislike why tuareg vw not have 7 seater ???? fuck fuck fuck vw company , look audi q7 smaller car have 7 seater good, bad vw company

TheKillerace900 says:

America is getting the atlas instead. The 5 seater

Carlo Carnevali says:

*That must some expensive kinda shit*

TJBellamy99 says:

Who buys two of the same car?

τασος γκιωσης says:

Can anyone tell the nama if the song

k z a says:


Batuhan SÖNMEZ says:


rovlad says:

what is the song??

fred jupiter says:

Einmal Betrüger , immer Betrüger !!!

WtrDogg20 says:

VW OWNS PORSCHE, they are one company now, Please stop the whining about how similar it is to a Cayenne!

Ravi Patel says:

Inspired by Porsche


Its look like very big SUV. Front is very very ugly.

ruzzell907 says:

Volkswagen is back. Just when the excitement was stolen by Hyundai and Kia, and also the diesel-emissions scandal, Volkswagen is hitting back with great designs. It started with the Arteon with a gorgeous fastback design and futuristic front face, now Volkswagen did the same with the Touareg. The same beautiful pulsing LED turn-signal lights are also in the new Touareg.

Juanpy says:

I see this and I think what the hell am I doing with a Jetta

JonnyTaunton says:

Am I the only one who thinks Volkswagen has noticably stepped up their game since diesel-gate?

Stanislav KK says:

Lol that lagging tablet… jesus. Get proper hardware….

Ghana Mafia says:

Much sexier than that hideous Atlas. I feel bad for Atlas owners. TRADE IT IN for this.

FR says:

It’s an absolutely beautiful hand-me-down Audi lol

Matthew Greentree says:

Cape Town!

kpl455 says:

Wasnt Volkswagen supposed to advertise with wit, humanity and likeable, authentic characters? Oh wait, its 2018 and VW has lost its soul… I rather look at VW ads from 1960s. More intelligent, more on brand and simply better.

Jorge Solivan says:


the leosho3s says:

How about you make a sports model of wolkswagen named something like volley s

Urban LiT says:

Infotainment lags like hell. And any way who wants to buy the famous vw ??

Nicht Du says:

Könnt ihr die Software bitte so manipulieren das ich mit der Karre ne grüne Plakette bekomm? Ich hab keinen Bock mit dem Pöbel in der Bahn zur Arbeit zu fahren. Danke!!!

debeli šomkec says:

5.0 V10 TDI <3

TheCheeseManCometh says:

Too bad they pulled it from NA. Give us the new Touareg, and the Amarok!!!! Love my 3.0TDI

Amber Thomas says:

Looks nice

Augusto Kist says:

I have been in love with the Touareg since its launch in 2002. Such a great car.

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