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Hello my lovely vapies! Today I am so excited to look at the new KangerTech DripBox kit! Get your own here: http://bit.ly/DripBox The DripBox kit is made up of the SubDrip RDA & the DripMod! I love the squeezy bottle!

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Device: http://bit.ly/DripBox
Atomizer(tank/RDA): http://bit.ly/DripBox
eLiquid: http://bit.ly/BanzaiVapors
Battery: http://bit.ly/LGH4E18650
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Xante112 says:

Damn you have beautiful eye’s

100 subs with 4 vids says:

Every time she blinks, I lose more of my soul.

young blood says:

is this website a scam

Dexter says:

hey thx for the vid it helped a lot btw i have that problem which u were talking about the auto firing can anyone help me thx

Pamokos Visiems says:

Can I put mod on side and nothing will hapend?

kris krost says:

pound it yes I would if u get tired of ur husband hit me up

Migel Sidletski says:

can i use other rda with that squank box ?
delivered royal hunter and now i think it was a waste of money

first last says:

hi to all.. is it possible to use other brand or types of RDA in this kangertech mod? thank you for response…

Legend 27 says:

Do you need cotton for IT? Please answer

oldskoolhead0 says:

so tell me again how do you wet your wick?

Habib Basma says:

please Tia or anyone please answer I got the dripbox and bought a battery and charged both the battery and the dripbox and it still gives me 15 blinks before I vape I also used 3 different types of batteries so it can’t be that plz help

Jorge Perez says:


Kimberly Jobel Orbe says:

i have this dripbox.. while the juice is heated it splashes to your mouth.. and im like coughing.. they should put a screen on the hole of RDA coz its creepy seeing it splashes..

TimeMashenVapes says:

Yh I have the same one it gives out the most gorgous flavour

Wildan Ardiansyah says:

can i use the rba for another mod?

Vape Villain says:

dude! thats my first mod!! hahaha..just got it yesterday..not craving for cigar sticks dor 12hrs now..sweeeeeet!! tried to make an unboxing but not quite close to your review..ahahah.. nice review..cheers! VapeOn!!!

Russel Lagunoy says:

can you give me a vape!!!!! PLS!!!!!!I subscribe!!!! I’m from Philippines

Spike Payne says:

just got mine today has a present red for the special day and I can already tell the taste difference between the RDA and a tank so glad I chose this for my first dripper thanks for the awesome videos keep up the great videos

giulia bevilacqua says:

Can i put weed in it?

Kirik warc says:

Пошла на хуй ти кто

ItzHunterz K says:

how do u pop the top of without the deck going with it

jami kanava says:

that was my first vape

Oracle Gaming says:

would you suggest this for a first vape? (I have never smoked ANYTHING before)

Mary's Woods Vape says:

Thats nice!

Based Gardevoir says:

Got one, this vid helped me figure out how to use it. Beginner friendly. Still some assembling if you need to replace anything which isn’t that hard. (comes with tools)

Nehomar Aviles says:

I got one for home use. My DB 160 its pretty beat up since it was my only one. I have to say is pretty good. However for some reason air flow feels kinda restricted. I don’t even know if a use the right term to describe this, but yeah!

John Chambers says:

u think u can make a review on the dripbox 160 mod

Michael Nabozny says:

Um some information I need my friends squegy leaked should I fill it

Jt Mayes says:

loved the video and I’m getting a kangertech dripper box today

Patreze Fernando says:

i love you *-* your eyes is beatiful

Connor Bowler says:

I need a vape.

joe monroe says:

Sounds like you’re… really excited to try it out

Kenny says:

How much is it?

David bertolez says:

can i use another atomizer with this ? like ijustS atomizer ? sorry if  my english is bad :'(

theo m says:

Please try and review the kangertech evod pro starter kit!

hey now says:

i love the background music!

الجمعية المغربية للتوعية والتأهيل الإجتماعي says:

Boutonfire Filed forever 🙁

Maddie weed says:

what is the nicotine level in the juice you used?


sorry im new at *vaping* does this have like tank so i dont have to change the liquid? every minute???

Pv Grecco says:

What is the best? Dripbox 160w Starter kit or CUPTI 75w??
i need to know which one I buy

Syed Aziz Ahmed says:

Hi. i wanna know can I run ald amaze atomizer tank with dripmod?

Porcelain Beats ™ Official says:

1.the ends of your cotton need to sit down long enough to catch the juice. not to close the wholes and not to be in the middle – keep that space so the juice can circulate 2.you need to push slightly but for longer. the magic is even if there’s not a lot of juice in a bottle it WILL come up. 3.you can find velocity style deck in your box, it’s better 4.the extra bottle HAD the cap when i got it..

Galaxies1nTheSky 1124 says:

All those vapes in the background not being used… I wish I could have one 0_o

Adil Chopdar says:

is that for beginners

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