New 2017 Volkswagen Golf revealed – the most hi-tech hatch? | Top 10s

VW has revealed a facelifted version of its popular Golf. The new car will rival the likes of the Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus until an all-new model is launched in 2018. However, how much has really changed? We’ve put together this handy video of the new Volkswagen Golf in an easy-to-digest Top10 format. Has Volkswagen pushed the boat out on this family hatchback? Is it full to the brim with new exciting features? Find out here.

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Davado05 says:

Shut up and take my money!

LEO Messi says:

The Golf is amazing


price tag please. I know German cars are more expensive but I have a 2005 Toyota echo I may upgrade to this when I have the money

cilvrado says:

Yeah, but a Golf looking like that will cost me as much as a base BMW.

Heidar07 says:

Thanks for great review, any news about getting this car into US market?

Manuqtix says:

those exhausts are fake and side intakes are fake

BomBamBum says:

Nobady has showed normal golf highline. Why do you always show R line, gti and gte ?

Vincent Dewitt says:

What’s with the sound???

djheckler92 says:

We will get some of these features in 2020 for the US lol

Mario Losberg says:

It look’s just like the previous model..sooo boring design.. ugly car..

Imran Abdula says:

why dose the old golf have a golf ball as its gear box

.a. .ko. says:

what a boring car

Johann Pascual says:

Hmmm… I like this new look and features of the Golf!

AOnCars says:

New grill and bumper look a lot like Honda Fit!

Brownman Silverstacker says:

Any news on how they will fix our 2.0 TDI engines? This bunch of merry men have clearly move on while I will lose value to my car, lose power when they finally fix the software, while my car at the moment spewing poisonous Nitrous Oxide above the what the law stipulates. what a bunch of criminal’s they should hang their heads in shame.

BEAST 07 says:


Zack says:

So misleading. Stop saying Golf. This is a Golf R, over twice the price of a standard golf
Most of the shit shown here isn’t even on the stock car, or even an option unless u get the R

nwhite06 says:

If you can’t perpendicular park forwards you are a fucking idiot and shouldn’t be driving in the first place….

Georgee Vii says:


emwa3d says:

mazda 3 have every tech and still cheaper

User826 says:

Wish i had more money

alan cooke says:

has it really got false twin look-a-like exhaust ? ? ? ?…… if it has, their taking the  cheap route , an all the untruths about their emissions, the Germans really  are going cheap, well I never

seanek9 says:

Fake exhaust trims! Really?

Mechanical Madness says:

Love it but… I want the DAB radio back… I’m not to found of the glass buttons. Love the Audi indicators!

Ted Hamilton says:

miss my GTI

Paul Ramos says:

im inlove with this car so much!!!! so sad i just graduated and broke 🙁 I hope I can have this car one day!!! 🙂

half2852 says:

when will this be available in the US?

Stefan Ciganovic says:

I like how people say it’s boring and always compare it with higher class competitors….Learn basic about cars at least.

timmytubede says:

But what about the new electric version? They really fucked up with the Diesel bullshit last year, so what about bringing some new technology into their products?

Madern says:

Can never go wrong with a golf

oatswithmilk says:

Definitely prefer the 2016 version. The rear of this new model just looks too bulky, coupled with the unbearable fake exhaust tips. The original MK7 is much cleaner, more sleek and aggressive.

Thumbs down for sure.

Daniel Schlegel says:

fuck man, when the R comes out hell’ll break loose

11ricko says:


Dilwara Rahman says:

Basic Ly it’s not a golf it’s made by a audi like if u agree

Parallax says:

Looks a bit more like a Focus in my opinion… albeit a massively superior Focus…

John Falck-Therkelsen says:

I don’t know why anyone bothers buying anything else, it really is the car for the people

Mitch Bott says:

Anyone with kids will notice that background music..hahah

chris huntly says:

When do we get this version in the US

khvidtube1617 says:

Ugly. Still looks like a Toyota Yaris

zediogopg says:

what about the new seat leon

Owen Richards says:

I cant help but think that the new top spec stereo looks a bit aftermarket?

ayajul hussain says:

Any news on the Facelifted Golf GTD? That’s the one that I was after :/

Andy P says:

excellent kit in the golf. audi merc and bmw should take notice of what volkswagen are offering. Manufacturers like Honda too offer a lot of kit on relatively cheap cars. in a way the entry level premium German offerings need to step up their game and offer the same without breaking the bank in costly options to offer more than just a badge…

Meister Yassine says:

no diesel 6 speed though

zdenek benda says:

and did anybody said,if they fixed those fuckeeeeeed uuuuuuup turbos

ep010 says:

Great now you can only fix your car when you own a VW garage

Joseph JTV says:

Nothing going difrent. this is rline! not everyone can efford rline and same engine choose other brands offer for lower price. that screen over there is fucking ugly!! it looks like after market cheap secreen. and all the options on vw is very very expensive compare to other brands and they offer better options. fuck u vw.

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