New 2018 Volkswagen Polo – so good you don’t need a Golf? | Top10s

This is the new Volkswagen Polo. For its sixth generation, the Polo has sharpened up with a wider, longer stance, smartened up with better infotainment tech, and is more practical than ever before. Does it have what it takes to compete with the new Ford Fiesta? And is it good enough to make you think twice about a new Golf? Take a look at the 10 things you need to know about the new Polo in my latest video!

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Sayeed Siddique says:

that can’t be vw polo itz far too big but has a good interior


In india we wil get nothing may be just the car with no features such a shit country to live in !!!

Ludwig Sjö says:

All volkswagens looks the same…

Tea Kay says:

I’m sorry for everyone buying such an boring car…

omar0555 says:

Volkswagen still living in 90s ..!!

ginkobalovak says:

Where is it made?

alo 3435 says:

What car reviewer would drive a car been filmed for a review and not notice one of the lights blown ? A very low mark for this guy. So its not perfect .

Mastermindvideos says:

a ride to the scrapyard… just buy a 6n1 it wil last longer and looks better

Tag 915 says:

I’d take this over the new fiesta any day, just hope they don’t mess up the st as well

Gandalf606 says:

This new Polo reminds me a lot of the Mark 1 Golf. Which I like. I’ve had three Golfs – a MK2 GTi 16v, a Mk3 VR6, and a MK4 Diesel GTD. The Mark 2 was one of my absolute favourite top 3 cars and I’ve always wished I could go back to one if I could only find a decent one. The modern Golfs may be much safer, faster, comfier etc … but the styling just doesn’t do anything for me. It’s so same o same o. The Old Polo’s – likewise. But this new Polo? Wow. It somehow has echo’s of the Mk1 Golf GTi. I really like this 2018 Polo. This car might just persuade me back into a VW after a 20 year absence. Looking forward to a test drive.

DevilGames says:


Bosworth Otavio says:

In short, the new Polo is a Golf. Wonder what will the Golf dethrone

Nikola Štanfel says:

Inside looks like peugeot 208 🙁

Zac Kirstein says:

The Polo is supposed to be a small car….. not a golf. Wtf VW

palusisko says:

New Polo is not large, just only riched the size of Hyundai I20 or R. Clio or Kia Rio 😉

Sam Bhati says:

What’s the music in the background anyone!?

rohit katoch says:

can help me with the space in this car ,i quiet a tall person ,can this car house a 6’5ft tall person

ghost kill says:

the brand with zero warranty,no thank you.

Denver Alfito Anggada says:

The interior looks like a Toyota for me

SoccerBoi500 says:

God why don’t they sell these in the States?

AL100x100 says:

Exteriors recorded in Bilbao and Barakaldo (Basque Country – Spain) close to my home 😉

VK TechTV says:

Here is the No1 thing you probably need to know about a VW Polo… The engines can detonate at any time. Our 4.5 year old, fully serviced, 38,000 miler timing chain “jumped a tooth” which is catastrophic for the engine, which equals a BIG bill. Wouldn’t touch another VW with a barge pole.

Sofie Van Persie says:

Sleek and sexy! I like it

Sharon Young says:

Way better than the old polo

Ludwig Sjö says:

Car have looked the same for a few years now. Fuck Volkswagen

RallyVozac says:

They might have called it Polf or Golo, cause it’s almost a Golf now…

soundseeker63 says:

Like most VWs this car looks more like a facelift of the old car than an all-new car. Very unimaginative styling in my opinion.
The interior is different, however I hate digital displays and touchscreens. Definitely would not buy this car despite the build quality.

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