New Volvo V90 Cross Country Preview Exterior/Interior/Technology/Crash test 2017 neu

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MrChallenger76 says:

If i`m going offroad it will be in a Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport ! I`m not taking this thing offroad ! This Volvo will be good in mild terrain at best ! I hope they will do a proper offroad review of this one soon to really see how it will handle itself in real life ! Look people it`s not a Land Rover !

Flandry Flandrien says:

What are dimensions differences with normal V90 ?

SgtRosier says:

Anyone know the name of the first song please?

dvillalba3d says:

Does that video shows a height adjustable suspension? Does it raise the suspension to go off-road?

Zach Payne says:

Lovely car but what is with that guys forehead!??!! lol

abou kivioja says:

I love that car and that music.Will do Autogefuhl make a big test when this come on the market?

Caio Caldas says:

Could have been interesting Bmw would had to purchase Volvo ?

Mehmet Bakır says:

This vehicle never makes you upset.

weirdshibainu says:

it’s so elegant looking, I’d hate to take it offroad

Anurag Das says:

The V90 Cross Country is a unique car, there will be many buyers as the car is very appealing. I am not fond of the Cross Country badge for the sedans, the S60 is my favourite car but the Cross Country version, I cannot imagine myself buying that, doesn’t appeal to me. If I wanted to go off-road, I would take a XC or V90 Cross Country, never a S90 Cross Country given a choice, not that it cannot go there, but I won’t buy it it the first place. Volvo has launched the S60 Cross Country here in India but I am yet to see one on the road. Things might change as these are all new cars based on new platforms and my perception can change as well after we get to see the S90 Cross Country. Hope for the best. 🙂

ArtMan says:

This is not a Volvo! All “90:s” are not Volvo cars. Give them a new badge and sell them as new brand. All “90” cars have become americanized and this S90 is not a real Cross Country! It looks like a limo with big wheels. A big shoe that is to long in the front…No thanks. All new Volvos are just wrong in design and there is no swedish soul left in them…I will drive my V40 (2004) and when its time gonna get a Audi S3 or S4. No more Volvos for this fellow…

Isaev95 says:

Audi A6 Allroad 2

Tashtan Tashtanov says:

I mean, if I had the money is buy all new Volvo’s that have 90 in their name

kevin n says:

Who doesn’t like seeing things smashed up real good.

Gordon Shumway says:

What a beauty!

alex180384 says:

Best wagon out there at the moment! A good effort from Volvo, which was now a very appealing car to compete with the Allroad versions from Audi and VW group.

Danilo Drašković says:

Another fathers dream.

Bloated Tony Danza says:

I thought this channel was spoken in German or other language, by the ending of the name …fühl… I almost passed it by. I just subscribed because I see this channel is continuously uploading great content. But the name might be a point to consider changing, in order to get attention. Just a suggestion.
thank you for the information.

Joe E says:

Every one is copying Apple’s Johnny Ive video presentation of the iPhone. That’s soft British accent/Denish accent is total knock off of Ive’s voice. Sooooo cheesy!


Every new car out there should have a dedicated video like this. Thumbs up!

Damian Matser says:

what a nice Volvo i love this model volvos masterpiece of tech and nice video.

András Balázs says:

Watching this beauty, my heart is bleeding for a decent 5 cylinder engine! 🙁

emarchelo says:


Warf says:

Either good on highway or offroad but not excellent on both. This is only marketing. Just an higher v90

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

This has kind of the design language that BMW should have, and which BMW has completely lost.

aovint63 says:

I wonder if Subaru engineers had any sleep lately?…

Krikstar123 says:

I miss SAAB ;-(
All new cars are starting to look the same to me.
This one less so fortunately – I like that! 🙂

Grant Muir says:

I bet it is going to be pricy! Looks great though.

mientjn999 says:

Very good looking Volvo!

Allister Cp says:

Autogefhül I am looking forward to being a car designer ;where do I begin.

Luka Počkar says:

I’m waiting for your full review of this masterpiece, Autogefühl. 🙂 on-road and off-road 😉

Hardly Earnest says:

i smell a swedish meatball

Warf says:

This is marketing.

ERD3S says:

looks even better than audi allroad. and interior as well it’s just my opinion

Amir Dagan says:

What is the ground clearance, and how is compared with the older V70XC and the Subaru Forester?

Philip Overvåg says:

The amount of Norwegians that will buy this car is too damn high!

Kafel_isThere says:

Someone know when we’ll see a new Volvo XC60?

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