Recap of the VW Atlas Tech Training

**UPDATED VERSION** Last week I spent a few days learning about the new VW Atlas 3 row SUV. There is some new cool stuff, and some stuff I don’t love. I will be doing a drive event soon, and will post another video.

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Also I forgot to mention that towing limit is 5000 lb if it comes with a hitch pack from the factory, and 2000 lb if one is added.

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Randy Curtis says:

Very informative. Thank you.

Christian Rey says:

Great review, almost sold on the Atlas. Bang for buck has great features, however it sounds a bit under powered.

Trades46 says:

My only honest concern is the fuel economy; the Highlander & Pilot with their 3.5L V6 engines in AWD trims gets equal if not better power than the Atlas but both SUVs get 20MPG+ in the city & high 20s in the highway. The Atlas due to its heft & likely the age of the dating 3.6L VR6 only gets 17 city & 23 highway which makes it quite thirsty. The best solution & cheapest is obviously the 3.0L TDI, but we all know that’s a pipe dream at this point. Currently no VW engines in VWoA stables can do the job better, which makes me believe the 3.6L VR6 is merely a placeholder engine for the 4motion models at this time of launch.

So my next question will be, how long until VW will change out the 3.6L VR6 for the newer & more efficient engine for the Atlas. I think the likely candidate would be the 3.0L V6 turbo found on certain Porsche & Audi MY2018 cars.

WtDaFk says:

i will never drive a vw, i drive a benz

nick elias says:

what kind of towing capacity does it have/is it worth it trying to tow with it?

Narcosis says:


The CEL is on.

Wanna borrow my scanner Charles? 🙂


Too heavy and underpowered

TRX2015 says:

Great review! Really appreciate that it’s from a mechanical point of view instead of the regular sales pitch. Subscribed!

Tim Farwell says:

An amazing review, best I’ve found so far. We need to replace our 07′ XC-90 and the wifey wants a new Q7. I liked the Pilot. But the new Atlas has me thinking. Any comments re: Q7 vs Atlas? And any rumors on future hybrid or Diesel? My 11′ TDI Jetta goes back when I decide what to replace it with. Thanks H.M.

MrGTDONE says:

omg they dug out of the grave that old crap v6 engine about cost cuts and ripping the customer off… i think the facelift will have a pig iron engine option and interior quality is rubbish to

Bern Pisarcik Jr says:

I miss going to that training center, a lot of fond memories!

GraymanTactics says:

just signed for ours… cant wait!

Idtelos says:

Still waiting on the B8 Passat TDi R-line…

MrPaulgulf says:

Any chance you know anything about a new diesel-electric hybrid SUV?

chris Lo says:

Every video about the atlas people are saying underpowered..I have owned this vehicle for 2 weeks now amongst a passat and charger 392.. Trust me the atlas has plenty of get up and go. Only complaint is the stop start feature. You have to deactivate it each time or vehicle shuts off at stop lights

Fernan Valdes says:

the cheapy plastic pieces your are talking about the easy to get scratch , well Ford explore has this cheapy plastic all over their cars even the roof rails are kind of loose and cheapy too, and looks like americans care less about those things because Ford is beng selling their cars and explorer always and a lot of them, just when have a chance touch any Ford car that has roof rails, see what I am talking about, , escape, explorer, edge, flex

pennfootball says:

Obe Won Humble Mechanic is it worth getting the SE with tech pack to have the 3 zone climate and power rear lift gate or just go with the cheaper SE? No one is reviewing the normal and affordable models just the 49 grand almost Audi version that makes me banana’s becasue I don’t want all the computer do dads and giant hole in my roof that might leak later in life.

TheTankDiver says:

What’s the deal with the exhaust tips? I see that they are integrated into the bumper but I heard the actual exhaust turns down before it reaches the bumper?

elbeial says:

no diesel option?

Bob Juarez says:

Why , VW builds better small cars, have we learn our lesson. Also will warranty pay more money because the car is bigger , and most likely a pain in the butt.

denislokator says:

What is better: Atlas or Explorer?

quiksr20 says:

Atlas looks pretty cool, Not sure if our family needs a vehicle that big but I do have a semi on topic question in regards to VW SUVs. How have the later gen VR6 Tourags been as far as reliability? We are debating on that or a Tiguan, Tiguan maybe too small not sure yet. Always loved Tourags but heard nightmares from dealer friends many years ago..Are the later models pretty reliable? Our ’12 passat has been rock solid for its first 5 years and 100k miles, How are the Tourags as a used car say like a 2015 w/30-40k miles? Any info from a VW mechanic like yourself would be awesome, Its an awesome looking truck and a decent chunk of change to have to worry about.. Thanks in advance!

Oliver Allen says:

I don’t care for the virtual cockpit. I actually prefer the analog tach and speedometer and keeping all my non-essential driving information on the center screen.

Like you said, eyes should be on the road. Less IS more here.

Craig Weems says:

The VW comments about restricting options to streamline production is total BS. The US market is treated much different than the rest of the world by most manufacturers. We have big dealers with immense inventories and as a consequence the manufacturers attempt to sell out of inventory plus those vehicles are considered “sold”. By restricting options most customers can be served by their dealer or one nearby. In the rest of the world dealers have a few models with varied options so the customer can see what is available. They don’t have the room to keep much inventory. Once the order is defined the vehicle will be built to the customer’s wishes. If you get a chance to visit a car plant you will most likely hear the managers boast about the flexibility of their production facilities and how it works efficiently no matter what the production mix is. A couple of years ago I was in Hiroshima at the Mazda factory. I saw Mazda 3’s (FWD) being assembled on the same line as the Miata (RWD). In fact I watched the same worker install the Miata convertible top followed by a dash install in a Mazda3. The only exception to this American charade is Porsche whose build offerings are much the same the world over. For Audi the US market Is larger than the U.K. however the brits get a far larger choice of powertrain components and options even though their steering wheels are on the wrong side. Mercedes is in on this charade also. Mercedes SUV’s are largely built in the US for market the world over. Americans are offered a constipated selection of models and options despite their birthplace. If you visit the U.K. or German websites and you find that a panoply of options are available on SUV’s made in Alabama that are denied to Americans. I’m sure those who who espoused the restricted option drivel were ignorant of the facts and were merely passing down the party line.

I do hope the Atlas is a success however in the past VW has found little joy in building “American” models. The other German nameplates don’t try to make cheaper models for the US in fact Americans are far more likely to order sunroofs and leather than other markets. I was once told that for Germans being transferred to the US was seen as a demotion and as a consequence the best talent rarely crossed the pond. This might explain prior debacles like the Rabbit.

Ministry Sound says:

Not compatible for U.K.

maximua78 says:

Too much face time 🙂 Like your videos, man, but d rather watch car than your… face

Iain B says:

No K-Cup holder like the Touareg? Bah!

Kojy says:

charles… I like your style man, keep it up ! GG

wyattoneable says:

I rented a car while in Germany and it had that start/stop thing. I hated it but I guess one could get use to it. It just seems to make a starter and battery wear out much faster. Nice editing on this one Charles.

Anthony Fig says:

Kool video, hey wich one has more room at the back for groceries the Atlas or the Pilot?

Bill Malec says:

Don’t care for the fender ‘styling’ one bit. Like the looks of the new Tiguan better.
But until there is a TDI, I’ll be a customer of someone else. Sorry for our intrusive EPA.

SKMC69 says:

Looks like an Explorer front the front and a Grand Cherokee from the back. R1234 is a pain in the ass to recover and recharge. It’s like watching paint dry while at the same time, annoying as hell.

Joshua Chung says:

Does anyone know if the new Atlas engine (V6) has a timing belt or a timing chain? I generally drive my cars (especially my VWs) to 15K+ miles, and I wanted to know more about the V6 engine on Atlas. Thank you.

MacFastang says:

I can’t believe VW hasn’t done anything to boost the power to its VR6 engine. I mean the Mustang’s 4.6L went from producing 215hp in 1996 to 315 hp in 2010. This VR6 powerplant for the Atlas should at least make 310 hp and 320 lb/ft of torque. Other than that, I think is a pretty good looking SUV.

blkthunderbolt says:

How can I take the class

New Car Spin says:

Hopefully, the interior plastic trim will be cost effective to replace rather than repair if they do get damaged by gear in the back.

FoVision says:

any word on the driving event?

Jesus Was Fisted says:

When you mention the MQB platform it has, an example of which vehicles carry it currently would be awesome to hear!

Wroom Wroom says:

It’s ugly

Phil Becker says:

Was this shot at the Allendale facility? Recently Mahle shipped out the new A/C machines. The refrigerant cylinder came separately and it was marked as flammable.

n8834 says:

Great video! I just looked at one at local dealership and love it. Simple and clean design with very usable space and it doesn’t look minivan-like. Do you know if VW has changed it’s suppliers for sensors and other small electrical components that often fail on their cars?

Charles David says:

I thought it looked like an explorer as well. maybe an update will be soon. I absolutely love our Touareg in every way. Thank​ you for sharing the cool first look!

Murad CarDealer says:

Hmm, your beard making me nervous…. But hey, it’s cool. I like the Atlas.

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