Road Test: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle


Austin Ferranti says:

The i5 doesn’t come with a turbo, only the i4…

alecfordguy says:

you cant change the looks of a Beetle no matter what it will alway look the same

Alessio Vigna says:

No surprise: that’s the Italian design 😉

Nathan Kendall says:

Looks pretty cool. I would get a Manual Turbo in black…

boovoo66 says:

Much better than the last one!

Chip Doran says:

bring back the old bug it was way more fun to drive

redrum97 says:


heemoii says:


Donny Rino says:

Another boring review

gene978 says:

I still think the MPG is out of touch with today’s fuel efficient small,and larger cars

Indigo8086 says:

All those Beatles jokes, I was groaning through my tears!

Alessio Vigna says:

That’s how things must be 🙂

kalargyi says:

Sold to me! Only if 35+ mpg @ under $18k, why pay as a golf if it ain’t better

UTAH Bill says:

The turbo hauls.


AWD? FWD? RWD? What is it.

kenmtb says:

The Rich People’s car :/

Palit Weboonlit says:

“Author withheld” post duplicate comment…

Albert Hwang says:

Bi-xenon headlights with LED DRLs? Fail….this guy needs to re-watch his video or get the correct one. The bi-xenon is part of a package with the 19″ tornado rims. I know this because I’m in the market for one that’s fully loaded.

Matt McGregor says:

Ok, they showed the wrong picture for the headlights. Only the turbo, that they did occasionally show, does have them with the LED DLR and foglights.

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

@Charles2337 FWD

MrDesert1973 says:

Amazing Car *****
I Need One ……………..

bmwmsport11 says:

Vw should really make a sport body kit optional for these. Then it looks better

NadrianATRS says:

wow what a nice improvement over the last model, finally looks masculine

Tiari says:

@bg012772 Don’t buy Mexican build VWs… actually don’t buy Mexican build cars at all, then you’re proably good to go

soylentgreeneater says:

I’m surprised it has such sloppy handling. Was expecting GTI performance. Glad they at least allow the 2.0t in this car.

Monacomaverick says:

These cars were only BUILT in Mexico, not engineered by Mexicans. So many people blame the car’s shittiness on being built in Mexico, when the lousy engineering and material choices are made in Germany. Newer VWs are a disgrace to the legacy of Ferdinand Porsche. They are anything but simple, and nothing but trouble.

conceptcs says:

VW finally figure out that its still men that drive cars.

BOREDfromX2z says:

front wheel drive = wrong wheel drive

David Stewart says:

“This little critter” hahahahaha

gunsoulja says:

Hitler would b proud

Ben Landvatter says:

Alright, I have to ask. Which designer left an in-heat TT in a garage with a drunk Beetle? The abomination that resulted is something that makes me think: KILL IT WITH FIRE KILL IT KILL IT!
-That said, I was never really a fan of the car, but MY GOD!

Alec D. says:

I can’t think of one thing about this car that I like. It’s just a Gold underneath so why not just buy a golf and save yourself the embarrassment of climbing in and out of something that’s gay as AIDs?

moparmonster1965 says:

@conceptcs And yet they’re selling this steaming little turd anyway.

Sébastien says:

Nice references about the Beatles on this Beetle review ! Both were the greatest 🙂

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