Technology news August 12th 2016 Volkswagen Insider Preview Google Russia and more

Latest Technology news update Friday August 12th 2016




george gio says:

hi gilles, can you review new skype app when you will be free,thanks

Tim Robinson says:

Haven’t had chance to check for latest insider build yet , no big rush though .

I saw this story about the bedroom cam of the young children being hacked , it’s shocking and disgusting . There are down sides to the “tech home” that people will need to be aware of .

I would think that limiting the growth of the internet is pointless , as there will be X amount of PC’s on the internet regardless of it’s growth .

Our living room at home , where all of our computers are located is always warm , the computers keep it nice and warm . Harnessing the heat from the computer is a good idea I think.

Car electronics/computerisation ….. In my humble opinion there’s far too much computer tech in modern vehicles . It’s only very recently that the Tesla car , on autopilot , was in an accident and very sadly killed the occupier/driver . In the near future I see terrorist organisations taking control of vehicles , and other computerised things to wreak havoc.

Thanks for the video Gilles , hope you and your family have a nice weekend ….. You lucky people are at least getting a summer lol …… enjoy buddy 🙂

windows insider says:

hello how are you? can you do a review on virtual machines because he runs windows 10 on the host and windows 8.1 on the guest he would like to know if it is safe and how to do Insider previews on a virtual machine. thanks and I hope you have an excellent day and an even better time testing RS2 builds.

Noel Dowds says:

Hi Gilles
I’m not seeing the preview either ,,, BUT People that have received the build are saying that there are alot of problems with this build BUT that’s what makes being an insider so intresting ,,,..,.,.,,.,

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