The most expensive Volkswagen: VW Touareg Exclusive & Executive FULL REVIEW test driven

VW Touareg offroad:
Touareg III preview:

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Pat Semchism says:

Great review. Very pretty car.

Yippie says:

I have 2014 one with sunroof. I can tell you it’s great. Love the TDI engine. It doesn’t stand out here in the USA like a BMW or Mercedes but that’s why I like it. I know I’m driving a quality SUV without looking like I’m showing off.

Zadrigo says:

For someone who is very passionate about leather trims, you easily destroying plants and peasants works in the fields, Thomas!

ulab2000 says:

always liked your reviews. Whats the point in short 10 min videos! Who ever in the market for a new car will be benefited seeing your videos. Great work

Luis Manuel says:

i’d rather consider the volvo xc90 for that price, which is much more modernand stylish

car addicted says:

Of course the current Touareg isn´t the car with the latest technology. But I really appreciate the comfort and the serenity of this mellow SUV!! I´m really looking forward to the next generation 2017 😉
Great review as allways 😉

Alan Geller says:

As a Volkswagen sales and leasing specialist in the US I watch more test drive videos than I’d care to admit to. I must say Thomas that your videos are especially P-R-E-M-I-UM! 🙂 Speaking for myself if you could review more VW vehicles designed and equipped for the American market I’d be most appreciative. A basic 2017 Jetta S or Jetta SE review perhaps?

496 527 says:

this guy is very hot

Axel Mazigh says:

with 90000 dollar, I’ll go for a Toyota Land Cruiser

robert4you says:

Why are the interiors of most VW so extremely boring? So much plastic in such an expensive car… Why?

Bahtiyar Barat says:

Loved your last advise, always await for the last batch of the last model. We often can get the best bargain for the completed and improved model. Thanks Thomas..Great review.Thumb up for you..

Shezan Kazi says:

When I first watched his videos I was so irritated by his horrible German English, that for a while I refused to tune in. However, after watching some more videos of his, I must admit, that there is not a single automotive channel on youtube that has videos that get anywhere close to the depth and detail of Autogefühl. And now I also find his German kind of “signature” and I really appreciate the authencity he delivers in each and every one of his videos.
So to sum up: Thank you very much for the hard work and for making high quality videos that people like me get to watch for free!

Dima Nesterov says:

Your videos always makes me happy, Thomas. Thank you for your terrific job.

Zachary Ong says:

Thomas, the rear seats *do* fold down. You need to firmly push them down before they click in place. You’ve also forgotten the 4.2 V8 TDI too. Apart from those issues it was a good review 🙂

Skyboss25 says:

This car, this exact colour, my dream car.

woodypwx says:

“..lags a little bit behind…” * facepalm * I own this generation of Touareg and the ent. system and navigation is super slow. Maybe you shouldn’t be so afraid to say something bad about the cars you are reviewing.

Andrew K, Northern Ireland says:

Super review guys….

Sonny Jaz says:

brilliant stuff as usual..please thomas review vw xl1..ground breaking car with unique design!

Michael Rodriguez says:

You can not regulate the air suspension on the US version at any trim level. It just has a circular hole where the control is supposed to be.

Aaddiction says:

I like 40 min reviews!

Makis Sioutas says:

Thanks Thomas for your videos. Please try to arrange a review for Lexus LX 570 or LX 450d. Thank you.

sebxx says:

seats are nice looking, but they don’t last long, try to review a Touareg with just 30000km

aniyan paul says:

The most expensive Touareg is BENTAYGA

mrmementofinis says:

Ugly rims;/

David Anderson says:

Why not just bye a Audi Q7

Reliably Nuts says:

Hi, great job guys, as usual.

Are there any indications on when Touareg will get a body update like Tiguan.

Any plans in doing videos in “full 4K”? 🙂

Tansie Takwi says:

Beautiful interior

car nut karl says:

for 90 thousand euro it looks bland on the exterior and the interior is shocking too much plastic this is way way way overpriced

496 527 says:

and sexy

Sonny Jaz says:

i like how thomas says “full screen full hd full length..lets go!!!

MrBallroombeats says:

VW needs an SUV that looks like and has utility like the Jeep and the FJ Cruiser….
That would be a huge seller…
To me VW as a company is becoming boring and predictable….NOT GOOD.

Łukasz says:

Some rich people want to have a great car that doesn’t stand out but it’s beautifully finished and solid.

sebxx says:

that front grille with 4 chrome bars isn’t as nice as the Touareg 2 was in 2010, was much better at that time.

Eric Richardson says:

Es heißt “Leather”

roxoleto says:

It looks so dated from the outside!

Elliot Tierney says:

Please include time stamps. Your reviews are great though, keep up the good work

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