Top 5 Failures of the Volkswagen Touareg

The VW Touareg and I have spent many many hours together. Some of that time was great, other times were a real struggle. I really learned how to be a technician because of the Touareg and all the problems that it had. There are many reasons that the VW Touareg was such a nightmare for customers and techs. That being said, if the Touareg never happened, I would not be nearly as good of a mechanic as I am today. Visit the blog post at ~

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Join me today as we discuss:
~Common VW Touareg failures
~Touareg Tire Pressure Monitor issues
~Touareg Tire wear issues
~VW Touareg Electrical issues
~VW Touareg driveshaft fails
~Touareg interface issues
~Touareg Ad-Blue issues
~Rapid fire problems
~and more

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fillsgarage says:

I’m looking at a 2014 touraeg anyone have any feedback it’s an rline with 49k miles

CptNukem says:

So would you run away from a 2004 v10 with 150k miles, or consider it a nice challenge?

stew tube says:

Hi , great video explain things very well . I curious which Touareg model would you recommend …if there is one . I am looking at a loaded 2007 v6 gas that looks to be in great shape . Thank you

Eddie K says:

I’m fixing one now. such Bullshit. after the accident I had to change the fuze box just to start the car. crazy car to fix if airbags blow. car sucks

Russell Galt says:

I used to say the same about Mitsubishi and Subaru… Seems strange that the Audi Q7 doesn’t have the same prob’s, after all, it’s practically the same car. And I got 50,000 km’s out of my factory tyres; brakes are still well within limits.

Carolyn McMurray says:

What if it sounds like a bad lifter climbing a hill and does an occasional bucking as it climbs?

James Dobbins says:

need one of these top 5 on my 3rd gen beetle, the headlights (dtrl because the key isn’t on) randomly comes on when it’s really cold, ~0°F, parked and off, but some other goofy stuff too

Eddie Padilla says:

i love vw/audi but god damn do they use a shit load of plastic in the engine. after 7-10 years i usually pull the motor and transmission and reseal with the updated seals and gaskets. but thats because i really really hate a leaking car.

heart attak joe says:

dude i am looking at getting either a ’07 ish t-reg 3.0 v6 tdi or ’07 ish wk grand cherokee. after watching this video i think the GC would be better, even though i live in germany where every mechanic knows vw. it seems far too many problems in the touareg models i can afford

Robert Lunarr says:

Thanks for this. I was about to buy an 06. Not anymore.

TheTruth76 says:


Neil Paragas says:

Fantastic video I happen to own A 2004 V10 Touareg. I need to watch your video about the water intrusion.

Zac Robertson says:

I have a 2006 Volkswagen Touareg it has 100thousand miles! I went to get gas and after I got gas my car would start but it wouldn’t go for like 5 min then it would like shift down and then shut off. I took to the Volkswagen dealership and they said it was both fuel pump. And the price they gave me was over what I could even pay. Could I put these fuel pump in myself? Besides that I went and try to start it and I guess the batteries dead so my key got stuck. So how do I get that out? If you can answer there question that would be great!

sleeper165 says:

What was the cause of volt drop in the cables? You forgot to mention that much of this applies to Cayenne as well, thanks for the vid!

n777ua says:

Touareg is expensive to repair but it still a great ass car. Triple sealed doors, AMAZING body build quality, and refinement that far outclasses anything else in the immediate class.

Not to mention, most of these issues were resolved with Touareg 2, which was a huge seller in Europe, Russia, and China. Hardly a car that was a sales failure.!

Oh yeah! Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne share this platform. People don’t bitch about their “problems” as much as Touareg. Problems are very real with TReg, but the bitching has a lot to do with people expecting Toyota Highlander simplicity and reliability from what is essentially not only a luxury SUV, but a super-premium luxury SUV. Same goes for Phaeton.

Jorge Vasquez says:

Hi, I have a 2008 Touareg with 78.000 miles. Lately it’s been shutting off while driving, no noise, nothing. The first time is started right away, but now it’s taking like an hour rest to start. The failure is becoming more and more frequent. The mechanic couldn’t find the issue. Pls help

Juan Carlos Roa says:

What about the Touareg 2013 V6 3.6 TDI A-V8 Paq nav, any comments? thanks for your time

tonykimy says:

Hi HumbleMechanic, how is the 2010 V6 VW Touareg Altitude? I really love the car and planning to buy after going for a test drive. What are the problems the car has and would you recommend it compared to any of its peers ? I am looking to purchase from the UK. Your advise is well appreciated.

Cesar De La Torre says:

my 04 touareg v8 it is draining the baterry over night what it can be??????

Jaimin Patel says:

I have 2004 Volkswagen Touareg with v 8 engine ( it was my favorite car )

have electrical issue over an over

took it to 2 different dealer ship regarding electrical issue

no one know what is really wrong

1 dealership changed battery ( worked for couple months )

2 dealership took out navigation unit ( told it is drawing more power and draining battery )

nothing has fixed the issue . same old battery draining issue

so i bought a external charger to charge it at night

after watching u r video it is good to see that some cared to look in this night mare

can u please please advise me what charge cable need to be checked and replaced

also where can i get the charge cable

i’m just very tried of dealership making me go round and round

VW car r very capable but there dealership and service sucks

i really dont trust them and started working on car myself

it has only 90000 mile and would hate to sell it ( which i’m planing to do if the battery draining issue is not fixed )

please respond

i really appreciate u r help

also if u know any good auto shop in dallas area that works on VW ( except dealership )

let me know

C_R_O_M__________ says:

The problem with this testimony is that it comes from a VW mechanic where he encounters ONLY troubled vehicles. I don’t think that the majority had those issues.

Elizabeth DeBruce says:

Hi 2004 VW Touareg my cluster tyre flat code wont go away new sensors installed. Any thoughts? I tried the normal recommendation.

das12r says:

Humble Mechanic I had a 2005 V6 Touareg. it was great I had only the propshaft issue and one coil pack. Otherwise not other issues.  I was looking ot get a 2015 used certified. What are your thoughts on the 2015 and new models. I am looking at the Sport version. I do oil changes every 5K miles with Amsoil so I maintain my VW’s and Audis and I have no issues. My current TDi golf has 88K miles in 2.5 years and I have not even replaced the brakes. If you get a well marinated under 15K miles 2015 Touareg  would you say its will be a reliable vehicle with very little mechanical issues?  thanks and great video.

Randy van Vliet says:

How many High Pressure Fuel Pumps, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, common rails, and full sets of Robert Bosch diesel injectors have you R&R’d under warranty, due to rusted rods in the in tank fuel pumps, or rust in the fuel filter cannister, or flat out HPFP greanaded “glitter Bomb” shrapnel failures have you R&R’d, to the tune of $13,000? V6 TDI’s 2009 to present, as well as all the 2.0 L motors too?

beri232 says:

Good video. I had considered the Touareg and the Tiguan but after this video I think I’ll stay with Toyota and Lexus. Volkswagon charges a hefty price here in Canada and anyone I’ve talked to that has owned one has sold it and griped about electrical issues. No thanks!

Greg Roach says:

mine want crank it got water leak on both sides and when you try to crank it all the lights light up but nothing just computer noises but nothing is turning over

Silvio Canargiu says:

would u recommend a 2008 Touareg v6 tdi 3.0 from the second hand market?
i know it’s a general question but….your answer would really help 🙂


1rtccp says:

Hey Humble, hope I can pick your brain for a moment, I really really really want a tdi Touareg, all the problems you’ve mentioned,were they sorted out by the 2014 and newer models or is this a model I should just plain avoid, I have no issue whatsoever with the whole ” dieselgate ” thing. I love the look of the vehicle, the size, the mileage, or maybe is it easier to just ask your opinion in selecting a model year that had less glitches,, if you were looking for a used one , which year would you be looking at??…. thanks….love your channel, I appreciate a tech’s viewpoint way more than a salesperson’s…..Nicolas

homer1869 says:

05 v8 Touareg driver headlight module keeps going out

Jason O'Brien says:

I have a 2011 that I love… 2 issues I have: brake noise while backing when brakes are cold. Cracking of leatherette (I think mine are fake leather) in two places on driver seat.

Otherwise it’s a great SUV that’s capable on and off road.

Jeremy Teahon says:

So, all that being said, would you own one? If so, what configuration? I’m an old school air cooled vdub guy, but I recently bought a mk6 gli and getting rammed in nickel and dime repairs and the impending doom of major tsi issues. I’ve lost a lot of love for vw in the last 2 years I’ve owned it. will I be just as disappointed in a 2010-2013 v6 touareg?

joe coquerre says:

well,good vid,but it would be good if you gave away the cure..for each problems???!!!Like the battery tension blem…??what is the cure..??

Andres Niederhofer says:

okay my dad bought a 09 touareg 3.0L tdi and it has a broken deisel pump belt. can’t find anywhere on how to put it back in. talked to my vw dealer and they were clueless. I’m a pretty good mechanic just not used to vw. mostly chevys. if you can help me with a diagram that would be great. thanks!

Mike B says:

Dash blower motor has been replaced on both mine (07 VR6 and 08 FSI V8)…might want to add that. Some of my personal solutions are BF Goodrich All Terrian TA’s for the tire issue (had mine on for nearly 60k), Vertex Solution for center main bearing, and I understand you can delete TPMS. My general rule is fewer options fewer headaches.

Rafael Mendoza says:

my 2012 Touareg 3.6L V6 has been solid. Im up at 110k miles. it does wear its brakes pretty rapidly

1rtccp says:

Thanks for the response humble, when you say the new gen , do you mean the 2016’s and newer or the 2017’s………I can’t afford the brand new ones, how old should I look for ….. I am looking for the 2015’s hopefully these have been sorted ….

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