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The Volkswagen Arteon is the car which the German brand  hopes will lift it into the premium segment. The swoopy styling will set the standard for future VWs, but under the skin it’s all familiar – the platform is shared with the Passat. So does the stylish frock make the Arteon worth considering over an Audi A5 Sportback or a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe? Find out in my detailed review, where I comment on its quality, take a look at its tech, and work out if it feels expensive enough from behind the wheel.

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Just looks like an Audi. Another Grandads Car I’m afraid.
Not a bad engine though.

Dorian's Fupa says:

This looks fukin sexy tbh

ThDor45 says:

3:25 let me put that vibrator

Chowbizful says:

i love that volkswagen talisman new style, oops i mean arteon

RealAvus says:

I will choose KIA Stinger GT4 over this if I really not care about badge.

ccoo oocc says:

why would vw want to compete with audi when it owns audi

Juan Carlos says:

I’m gonna wait 7 years and buy it for 10k

The Lag Janitor says:

Dis dude low key jacked

kajcsapapa says:

the presenter isn’t fair to the car. It’s a fucking luxury car man, maybe not for you, but for 90% of the europeans

Xylo says:

Matt riding bicycles i see, what we stacking? Test E and Deca?

NigiVlogs says:

Amazing car! I got 2004. Golf 5 2.0 TDI lol, would love to drive this one!

Concept Creator says:

i don’t really like the look… (interior the same) but if i had to choose between those then i would say yes.

Kainthemain says:

VW owns Audi 😛

Scotty Svensson says:

If u still wanna buy vw think twice Please Do NOT forget Dieselgate scandal thanks.

Jedd Simon says:

The back looks like a mercedes

xenomorphelv426 says:

very nice design. i prefer this to the new A8 style

motonerd14 says:

I really hope we get these in the U.S. I love my Passat!

CS Cars says:

I swear you talked during that stupid “sound” test

Tyrion Lannister says:

Looks like an Audi

Nikos Yiannos says:

I would say that it is a combo of the Skoda superb and the Audi A5 sportback

Reggie Burnett says:

I wonder if if this is meant to replace the VW CC in America?

Saram Hanif says:

Wow best looking VW I’ve ever seen by a long shot.

Peter Swarts says:

Absolutely love the system that the car uses when you’ve passed out, and it warns you, brakes, and pulls over… BUT having experienced a few pass outs “not proud of it” the normal human reaction to suddenly waking up a coming to realization that you’re still driving, one tends to wake up and grab or yank at the steering wheel as a “defensive response”. My question is, would the car counter react to my sudden response to yank the steering wheel and cause myself to crash?

Shafiq Shah says:

Looks like a S class coupe from the back

niklas moser says:

Discourse dance boat turkey overall southeast rifle accident teacher.

Roelof Hetsen says:

Looks pretty cool, like it better then a supercar design.

G4 Lg says:

My peugeot’s 0-60 Mph is 15 seconds ! so 5seconds on this car seems quite fast to me

Itzdat Managgen says:

*Okay, so I know it’s standard practice among motoring journo’s to write off pretty much all VW’s these days as boring or **_’samey’._** And I suppose it’s true to a certain degree. That said, if the formula works (and it clearly does), why change it in any drastic way? I happen to think the Arteon looks brilliant both inside and out. It’s full of (or at least available with) up to the minute tech and safety kit, some of which isn’t even available as as a cost option on some of its rivals. Setting aside any unwarranted badge snobbery (and I know quite a few multi-millionaires along with a few burger flippers who drive VW’s) my only real criticism of the Arteon is the pricing. As Mat said, at this price it really is putting itself among the Audi. BMW, Lexus and Volvo brands and I’m not sure it’ll feel comfortable there. If it were priced from around £27,000 up it would definitely be worth considering but at a starting point of around £38,000 I suspect VW has shot itself in the foot… again!*

Darian Williams says:

I wish they sold this car in the U.S. 🙁

Jimmy Jay says:

its just like a a8

Striker KZ says:

Arteon looks cool. Design is amazing.

ajaaniajaa says:

1:28 looks like a Mercedes in the rear end to me.

eli li says:

Def an eye catcher

Marcel Tansie says:

They needed to use adaptive suspension or air suspension to upt this car in its market

Archer says:

Id take a VW over a BMW or Audi, as far as social perceptions go, you ain’t gaining points with anyone in the US with those. people would be more interested in an unusual VW than a supposedly classy and nicer brand.

BMW Audi acurA nissaN says:

2:14 street gangs intro
Who else knows that?

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