Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept First Look – 2013 Detroit Auto Show

With an innovative new plug-in hybrid diesel powertrain, the Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept has just been uncovered today at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.


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Hesam0000 says:

I bought and sold around 55-60 cars since 1983 but never an Audi because I used to see Audi after Audi on mechanics jacks with bad, unrepairable transmissions. The last 15 years I only bought turbo-diesels, mostly Mercedes and Subarus(5), both are tops in dependability and gas mileage. To me a great SUV is like this only with van-style, sliding, electric, wide-open rear doors. VW has a truck Amarok with this same 2L turbo-diesel in Europe but as usual they don’t bring good stuff to America.

44,537,955 views says:

yea, exactly

chrismegalomaniac says:

I want it!

lawnmowerdude says:

Very nice but it will probably be very expensive.

SV.BIG says:

в раше с ее налогами 100% будет стоить больше 4млн, + еще налоги на роскошьстраховкитопливо

thatrandomperson says:

little too much gloss on the inside but its pretty nice.

GasHamster says:

It is a hybrid. But i would love to see the Audi 4.2l Tdi in it.

pain gain says:

lol look like camaro face

5yuser says:

The only problem is that the actual production one will look like crap.

russel harley says:

one more thing i hope v w changes the to only 3 liter turbo and optional hybrid

John O says:

there are lots of things people don’t know

Pinksnowbirdie says:

Such pretty…

Pablo Suarez-Anta says:

How many €?

Who says:

Looks nice for a ‘truck’

weirdshibainu says:

fyi…it’s an suv,, not a truck…trucks have beds

icemanroyal says:

i agree seems like alot of added complication and expensive technology to achieve a pretty ordinary mpg. Maybe a more refined diesel engine and significant weight reductions could offer the same benefits.

Rob Nuss says:

Ñuss 1234

walshmjoey says:

This is an EPIC car, and so was its predecessor, the Routan.

John O says:

Ironically I think corvettes are gay. Oh, and has a French name.

RayzaBlayz says:

Interior very range rover like with those 3 center knobs

Alibaba Alibabaa says:


reyes1234567 says:

Wow I actually like it

ivan92093 says:

With the addition of an electric motor at the rear, doesn’t that make it all-wheel drive or 4×4?

patstar5 says:

Wow! Will there be a hybrid only instead of plug in? When will it be released? Price?

44,537,955 views says:

the best american cars are built in Germany? LOL…never saw a corvette built in germany

Hesam0000 says:

Love it. $50,000?! This small-turbo-diesel motor is the best, both in gas mileage and in durability. Add the hybrid and it’ll be Number-one.

Angelie Oberoi says:



vw big mistake, both existing suv models are not big sellling, if they release this one, another should be discontinued, the toureg is priced into audi territory and the tiguan no one seems to be buying. the model does not start with a t and is entering a saturated market. should have come out with the microbus instead. microbus seats seven and there is nothing like it on the market.
this model will definitely be routanized.
isn’t there a healthcare program named like this car, its bluecross and the truck will need it.

russel harley says:


russel harley says:

I think it’s a great vehicle and I hope it comes out very soon.And that steering wheel goes   it’s hideous 

Jamal Fakih says:

Can I get it without the hybrid system? I not sold on hybrid technology.

russel harley says:


chrismegalomaniac says:

I´ve read, about 35 – 40.000 EUR in Europe and assume about 40 – 45.000 USD. I would say its a very modest price, for such a well designed and modern SUV

44,537,955 views says:

had to laugh at the 35mpg…they’re using a turbocharged direct injected diesel engine, hybrid powertrain, AND a 7-speed auto but could only get 35 mpg…i understand its big, heavy and has ton of horsepower, but still

Dorothea Raeburn says:

This is fricking awesome I was just saying they should come out with a hybrid diesel and look I stumbled onto this video….. This is exactly what I want steering wheel and all

Jake McGill says:

So sick Yo new landrover… Ohh wait..

44,537,955 views says:

the point is that i’ve never hear of american car being built in germany…only ones i could think of would be the new fusion or focus

vassilios says:

Good luck cleaning it.

John O says:

The German mentality is to always make better. Germans don’t think simple.

John O says:

The Chinese copy the Germans and Japanese. The Koreans hire German designers. The best American cars are built in Germany. German cars are dumbed down for the North American market. And that’s just the German side.

44,537,955 views says:

is that not the mentality of most auto companies no matter what country?

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