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The Volkswagen Golf is newly updated for 2017. VW has seen fit to tweak the popular formula with some subtle styling changes, engine updates, improved safety tech and fancier infotainment systems. My family hatch group test last year revealed that the Vauxhall Astra had usurped the Golf’s spot at the top of the class, so have the new updates swung things back in the Golf’s favour? Does the new infotainment system make the Golf easier to live with every day, and will the new engines make it any better to drive? Find out in my full, in-depth review!

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Aqwe W says:

Great review,thank you

umair bhatti says:

One thing that confuses me is this review was released in march 2017….but he says its 2018……so which is it?? even the number plate is of 2017…..

Chowbizful says:

this golf is too fat compared to the best models (mk1 mk2 and mk3)

Kcuf elgoog says:

All new Volkswagens look so boring at the front they need to do something different

MrThomas says:

I have a mk5 and it’s so similar to this. This is a fully perfected version of an all rounder that started with the mk5

RG7621 says:

I think I’ve found my next car ^_^

Hertfordshire Allotment Life says:

Another overpriced car with useless nick nacks by the disgraced German car maker VW . Honestly, anybody who can afford this ridiculously overpriced ugly car why should not pay the same money to get a beautiful Nissan Qashqai or Infiniti Q30? Why they should pay so much to VW and get a car which looks exactly the same as the old tacky car that every Harry, Dick and Tom drives in British roads? By the way Non of these petrol head car journalists had ever mentioned the VW emission cheating scandal? Why?

MrBullettSniper says:

110 horsepower? Must take it like a minute to get to 60 mph

YourG says:

My mom had a courtesy car like that

Eblouie Par La Nuit says:

1:44 cheers for that one!

Kundai Mark says:


Dheeradj Lachman says:

Boring car

Александре Сафаров says:

Volkswagen представил обновлённый Golf VII

TheBlackestImp says:

I’ve just drew my 1.5 tsi 150hp sport version… it’s much better than I even thought. This engine is a good compromise if you want a good power since low rpm and low consumption: the best combination if you drive a lot in city streets or hinterland. Before I use to have the old 1.8 180hp on a 2003 Leon Top Sport which was more brutal at high rpm but had a lower maximum torque and more turbo lag and it was very hard to fully exploit due to current laws. This 1.5 is incredibly linear. The steering I tested before buying this car was the 1.6 diesel sport one and it was not so exciting, it was a little numb. The one you get on 1.5 tsi is much smoother and sensitive. I love the interiors, R-line makes it amazing. I love led pack too which I really advise to include thou it’s very expensive as it includes keyless system as well. I don’t like it has only one usb port and you have to turn off start-and-stop, if you don’t want it, all the times you turn the car on. Pedals are good to heal-and-toe as well – some cars pedals layout prevent you to do it: Leon for instance -. About the exterior design: they could have rounded a little the back of roof with some other back details as they are too spooky. I totally don’t like the missing of hand brake … for reasons Mat has perfectly showed on 2018 Polo’s video 🙂
I added electronic suspensions but I can’t tell at the moment if they ware worth.
I wanted a modern well accessoried agile segment C car with some decent performance thou less sporty than my previous, with low consumptions to make it more exploitable for travelling and tourism . I think I had best.

TheMan Ortiz says:

The space is good enough for us 5′ 1-8″ Asians

keytothegate K says:

i hate this car I wish he used that golf club and beat it

Pan x says:

ugly car

ABC 101 says:

I feel claustrophobic looking at the small interior

Tariq Miah says:

Wt! The polo inside lools mucj better! The sibling is its rival! First time polo beats the golf !

Robert H says:

The windows in the back not going all the way down is a deal breaker for me I’m afraid. Ridiculous decision.

Nora Berisha says:

why the fuck have plastics instead of exhausts? fuck VW worst car in the world…

Ivan Stepanovski says:

Golf reliable? What a joke.

Marc Guima says:

I know the golf is the bread & butter from VW but please change it. It is so boring since my teenage years …. They get so scared to mess it up. You guys are already loosing customers by far.

EJ Ioane says:

I would buy this car if it came with spoilers and the colour is crap. Who the fuck drives around in that colour?

Sxlent Stxrs says:

For all of the Volkswagen Golf supporters please don’t take offence. I personally hate Volkswagen Golf’s because for me they look plain and simple, it lacks finesse and personal touch. For me not enough personality and heart unfortunately. This comment isn’t meant to seriously offend anyone.

Alex Larsson says:

I like the older golf design more. The new ones has sure better gas mileage but anyways old ones were best

Daniar Hadar says:

classic cars or modern. Which is better i personally think modern car comment 🙂

Jean V says:

You really need to sort out the sound quality of your videos.

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