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Volkswagen Golf R 2014 review:
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“The Volkswagen Golf R offers huge power and lots of fun but the Golf GTI costs less and is arguably fast enough for most drivers.”


Bilal Shah says:

just another box on wheels. Not impressed at all.

johnmcluskey says:

The golf R in the UK is going for a decent price new with a good discount. Same with the S3.

GarbisOnTheGo says:

Does it have a flappy paddle box?

Anil Jha says:

nice, when yo doing the r estate and gtd estate and gtd and gte

DodgeViperAS says:

Audi S3, same price, same power, 60 in 4.5 seconds and it looks wayyyyyy better. Cheaper on PCP too…


The quad exhausts are pretty misleading to be honest.

RJBgaming says:

Sounds just like a golf

vdub says:

Hey VW, is this the new R?. If yes, then you can FY.
You just killed a legend few years ago when you rushed to make and sell MK6.
I love my MKV and def i will not buy this trash.
MK4 – 1997-2003
MK5 – 2003-2009
RIP VW golf
MK6 – 2008-2012

oscar Martinez says:


Sean Walker says:

This guy shouldve got the top gear job, what a lad

Margaret Hughes says:

I’ve got 2 of these

Bob Belcher says:

Those wheels don’t come to the U.S. What a shame

lookatcha says:

Birmingham lad

dr 70194 says:

İs it really 4.9 seconds?

Scott Harvey says:

an every day car that you can drive normal or have some fun

Larry Lynch says:

You can get a 2015 one now with 20k miles for about £25k

t glizzy says:

I love this car but i like the two door one better. Im just not a fan of 296 hp. I think it shouldve been at 305hp for 45k that would’ve been better.. My opinion tho

groovANDsooth says:

The golf r has no soul.

Bugatti Veyron says:

Smooth power delivery sucks! Turbo rush is much more emotional and enjoyable!

Emre sanli says:

Nice but too expensive u can even buy range rover instead

sept1991 says:

this car looks too cheap

bJulius86 says:

If I was never into cars and I saw this car on the street I would be unable to take it seriously, no matter how fast it is. I know some people like to have a “sleeper”. But the looks of this car just doesn’t do it justice. VW should of gave their sport car a more aggressive look. If I didn’t know better I’ll say its a hybrid eco friendly car, and that’s no fun.

Jocelyn Ménard says:

The big problem with this car I think is that it lacks the aggressive “R” look. It’s too classy for my taste. It looks too much like a regular golf, the power is too linear, and the fun factor is not cutting it for me. I would like a more sporty car at that price.

Videogames says:

when in race mode it sounds like a lamborghini or a r8

eltingville81 says:

Sure it’s quick but it’s ugly as fuck

20vtDub says:

Why the Shitty Adds!

Mirokism says:

Does this car have the exact same AWD system as the Audi S3?

Funny Animals says:

Golf aa ?

Jacob Kjær says:

That voice crack tho

Tom Fisher says:

Literally my dream car. I’d do anything for one!

walkie1985 says:

i remember the first 10seconds of the first review i watched of this guy and thinking ‘oh god get him off’ stuck with it and many reviews later – he is brilliant – should be on top gear

JustLucky says:

VW and Audi are low quality ugly garbage.

Quick Jack says:

my kinda car

DarkTsiro says:

its ok but i prefer ford focus rs

Ioanides001 says:

I’d have a BM over this anytime. Or just a GTI. This R version is just halo car for pushing Golf brand closer to premium territory. As Leon and Octavia will take Golf’s place soon…

CandelaZ says:

exterior looks horrible.

John Syker says:

is this car suitable for people 6ft3 like is it big in the front???

norboe largusson says:

small car which cost that amount of money ? seriously ?

Jonathan Forse says:

Love the car. Only thing I dislike is the exhaust sound when changing gears :/

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