Volkswagen I.D. Concept review: VW’s autonomous EV future driven!

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VW I.D. Concept review:

Volkswagen I.D. Concept review
It’s impossible to gauge from the concept how the roadgoing I.D. will drive in 2020. But its clever packaging and roomy, airy cabin show a promising new direction for Volkswagen. The biggest challenge for the firm’s engineers now, in fact, is to deliver enough of the show car’s hi-tech tricks, and a reasonable range, while still keeping VW’s promise that the I.D. will cost Golf money.

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Ronald Rogers says:

Im all for electric cars but why can’t they be more normal

De ViceCrimsin says:

I like it it looks pretty cool


ohh yess I have plenty of time to slide my hand across the handle, then wait patiently as it extends outwards.

MrPro10 says:

I keep seeing this car around….VW has to be kidding. Who in their right mind would consider this for one second over a Tesla Model 3? The ID has a kind of 80s Sci-fi look about it. All the features they’re talking about putting on this for a 2020 release, the Model 3 has already, and it’s 6 months away. VW don’t even have a battery factory yet, whereas Teslas half finished factory is already producing cells while they’re in the planning stages of the next 4 factories. Grim, grim times for VW, it’s like they’re in headless chicken mode right now.

|〉 TARIQ k. 〈| says:

woah i had no idea that it was actually functional!

marksman says:

thoose door handles doesn’t usefull

Papa Apple says:

How about they stop making Ev’s so ugly.

Not tesla tho you guy’s cars look badass.

Phoenix Rising says:

Im all about this. These EV’s will be great to own. Bit worried about the laws and losing the ability to truly drive and enjoy them though.

テスラモーターズファン says:

EVs are always”future” for fossil fuel car manufacturers.

Warren Francis says:

There’s nothing in there apart from seats and steering wheel

Samuel Brooks says:

Mercedes makes even more intelligent headlights right now. Instead of the stupid scrolling green LED’s of this car, the Mercedes creates a virtual Zebra crossing on the road itself!

abdulaziz yousif says:

it almost look like BMW i3

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