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Volkswagen Jetta saloon 2014 review:
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The latest Volkswagen Jetta shares its looks with the larger Volkswagen Passat, as VW tries to distance its compact saloon from the Golf that it shares many of its components with.

The latest model has a longer wheelbase than the Volkswagen Golf, so there’s more cabin space, while the car looks smarter, thanks to a shorter rear overhang for the saloon boot. As with the rest of the VW range, the Jetta is built to a high standard from high quality materials. Engines include the firm’s 1.4 TSI petrol, plus 1.6 and 2.0-litre TDI diesels. The 1.6 TDI is also offered with VW’s BlueMotion Technology pack, which saves fuel by turning the engine off when the car is in neutral.


Noob Saibot says:

boring car

Andres Salazar says:

I don’t think you really get it, all factories need people to work in them, but Auto manufacturing is mostly done by machines, if the Jetta is of lower quality than say a Golf, it is because VW wanted it that way, not because it is made in Mexico, the last gen Jetta was of much better quality than this one, but I insist, the lower quality here is because it is destined to the US and they can sell cheaper, the US built Passat is also of lower quality than the german made one to make it cheaper!

George Washington says:

All these people arguing about Mexican build quality, do any of them own a VW? Having owned a Passat, all the parts that failed on it were made in Mexico, only making it to 5 miles out of warranty. Having made the mistake of purchasing a Jetta, it was the crappiest car ever assembled a true death trap, that made it to 30k miles. True pieces of garbage. After Mexican assembly nearly killed Ford and sent it to the bottom a build quality, they widened up and shifted their building north. My Mercedes E class has 189k trouble free miles, as does my Nissan Altima 295k miles, but my poorly Mexican built Nissan Versa is junk, two transmissions, a fuel pump, brakes that freighten me, not to mention all the othe stuff that is failing, sorry Mexico produces crap.all with less than 45k miles. I rather drink the tap water.

JustAFan says:

It look like an old Audi A4 to me.

Oliver Newell says:

I wouldn’t blame Mexico for the poorer quality of this car, more VW for letting it happen. Sure they have to cut costs somewhere but what about making the standard spec a little less than what it is. The inside of that boot lid is hideous. Still, it is a VW, still going to be as unreliable as British weather.

Antonio Johnson says:

why is the driver on the right side instead of the left?

Rach Lone says:

best car

Theo Harrison says:


Andres Salazar says:

Have you actually been in Mexico?… all the comments regarding Mexico here are just stereotypes, the quality of this car has more to do with the fact that VW wanted to gain more money for each car they sold, you might remember the last gen Jetta which was often praised by it built quality, and that car was built in the same plant as this one is, just a matter of selling more and making more money, you might know the main market for this car is USA which cares less about perceived quality…

Rodrigo Galván-Duque says:

I do to. I happen to be big fan of VWs and I’m not trying to change your opinion. I was just persistent on my opinion of build quality, not material quality specifically in plastics, which I have to agree, is not as advanced as german plastics. but why would VW settle with mexican palstics??

Gabriel Badea says:

what’s with the ‘meh’ ? are you a sheep or something?

Özgün Demir says:

Its nothing like a golf. Nowhere near of it, nor build quality, nor materials, nor noise isolation. Nothing. Jetta is a very practical sedan with large boot, interior space and good handling but has low quality parts and hard plastics everywhere. Golf is much much better in both parts quality and workmanship, much better isolation, shares same high quality parts with passat. Even parts like ac motor are different with jetta, the one on the golf are much higher quality. So basically the jetta is not basically a golf sedan, no. I think vw is purposedly making jetta lower quality, as if it was same quality as golf, it would ruin golfs sales and reputation, as for most countries sedans are more practical and preferred. Passat a lil bit too big, a golf quality jetta could be awesome.

Andres Salazar says:

The fact that it is built in Mexico has nothing to do with the slightly low build quality, the same plant that bulds the Jetta builds the Beetle and the Golf, and of the 3 the Golf is by far the best built, I’ve driven both (in Mexico of course) and the driving is similar, although I rather be sitting in the Gold, it is so much nicer inside, and the price is very similar, but still the Jetta sells like tacos in Mexico…

Trevor C says:

He needs to find a shirt that fits him

Mike Relvas R8 says:

Dude, I’m not criticizing Mexico. Sure Mexico has loads of good things but German perfectionism isn’t really in their mind. I know the Jetta sells more in the USA but even there you have people criticizing the much lower built quality when compared to its brothers. It’s still great value for money but you must admit the quality is really low for VW’s standards.

rider3808 says:

What a smooooth tacker

Rodrigo Galván-Duque says:

…some poeple like “form follows function” design

Rodrigo Galván-Duque says:

I think I can, VW Group has recently invested in Mexico a new assembly plant for Audi Q3 SUVs. (BTW Jettas and Beetles are assembled in Mexico)

Rach Lone says:

i love jetta and golf

Logen Tharan says:

greate car

Dave K says:

That doesn’t have anything to do with what I said. Do you even work for VW or know their current cars inside out? I do, so don’t waste your time in trying to change my opinion. The Mexican plastics are a cheaper quality – not bad, but not as good as they should be. That’s the main difference that I and the reviewer was highlighting.

Luke Byrd says:

+gregory perkins

eternalhalloween1 says:

It’s actually a rather impressive car.

Mike Relvas R8 says:

You sound like a total ignorant… Ever heard about UK?

Sanitäter says:

I’m not even old enough to old my own car yet (7 months off) and this car, I think, looks pretty stylish, even though it is “meh”. I’m quite old fashioned for a young bloke.

Juan Cortés says:

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