Volkswagen Touareg (2019) Ready to fight BMW X5

Volkswagen presents the new Touareg

Equipped with the connectivity of a new era and a pioneering fusion of assistance, comfort, lighting and infotainment systems, the Touareg points the way to the future. The largest markets for what is now the third generation of the Touareg are China, Europe and Russia.

Volkswagen is presenting the fully digitalized Innovision Cockpit for the first time in the new Touareg. Here the digital instruments (Digital Cockpit with 12-inch display) and the top Discover Premium infotainment system (with 15-inch display) merge to form a digital operating, information, communication and entertainment unit that hardly needs any conventional buttons or switches.

In Europe, Volkswagen will initially offer two V6 diesel engines for the new 2018 Touareg with outputs of 231 horsepower (170 kW) and 286 HP (210 kW). In a number of markets, this will also be followed by a V6 petrol engine (340 HP / 250 kW) and a V8 turbodiesel (421 HP / 310 kW). A new plug-in hybrid drive (367 HP / 270 kW of system power) is being prepared for China; its exact launch date in Europe is still open.

Compared to its predecessor, the third generation Touareg is moderately wider and longer. The new dimensions have positive effects on both the vehicle’s proportions and its amount of interior space. The added exterior length leads, for example, to a significant increase in luggage capacity, from 697 to 810 litres (with rear bench seat up). Cargo there is hidden from onlookers by an optional electrically extending and retracting luggage compartment cover. Despite its increased length and width, the car body is 106 kg lighter because of its mixed material construction of aluminium (48%) and high-tech steels (52%).

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jiang JR says:

Good car, but the video is even better

Claire the Loon says:

Touareg? I thought they were rebranding it as the Atlas

MasterCard says:

If this and x5 is the same price, no one will take a VW over a BMW

Гуле says:

Q5 front q7 back


Backlamp = SanteFe Hyundai Ripoff

martin martinez says:

La muchos se estrellaran mirando tanta pantalla. Muy guapo el nuevo toareg.

Renske Dijkstra says:

Reject dynamic proportion regularly recover colleague open shuttle creative tape.

Dicephalous 90 says:

super amazing front design

no name says:

ugly before better

chilin kilian janeth says:

Imitacion q7 pero no llega

Остаточный Прощеватель says:

чё-та приборная панель какая-то вся кривая )))

LimLux says:

So many cars look alike now days..

Frederick Valentine says:

x7 need)

ludovic leal says:

só agora a volks ta fazendo carro de luxo hem, ese poderia substituir o tiguan de 180mil

G Hossain says:

It has lot of technologies, and like all audi/vw products, the car will be solid but insipid to drive. More like a bruiser than something that is truly glorious.

Eward Bach says:

The steering wheel is not inline with the rest of the car. To small, it should be more massive…

xDRAN0x says:

lol is carplay in an iframe or something smh

Roger J says:

Why is there an almost 6 minute commercial with shitty music instead of the car video I came here to see?

HawaiWillSink says:

Boring design.

R. H. says:

And again a car which is only for arrogant people build from the biggest lying company in the world.
Please buy this car to damage this great world.

Natsu Dragneel says:

Ill never understand why VW actively trues to compete with themselves

James vL says:

Bring it to America!

Tony Vázquez Taboada says:

The new Q7? Seat, Audi, VW are now same brands but with different logos and names

julini says:

This I will buy.

patrick valencia says:

Please bring it to the USA

kang kukang says:

The grill….is TOO MUCH

c5back9 says:

Beautiful. Please bring it to America!!!

abdellah elhaous says:

can i use this video

Alex Nurjispour says:

This is the European model correct? There is no way this nice of a VW is coming to the states.

Lewis Pax says:

Will never be as good as an x5

freddievedder10 says:

Great video. I like the steering wheel on the golf but it’s to small for touareg

Vel Boone says:

Please bring this vehicle too america..

rezo84 says:

base price 25k€, shown model 85k€ 😀

Finikias Rugara says:

I am actually salivating…

Gato Chileno says:

Diseño sobrio, pero elegante.
Un hermoso SUV.

Maaro says:


khanyisani mkhize says:

If I had the money. Eish.

Kingsley Patel says:

Finally a new Touareg with a better design: love it.

Alex verden says:

Better than tata

King Keith91 says:

Sad but it looks better than the New Audi Q7

Euro truck gaming says:

We’re do you get all of those video shots from?

Angus says:

not available in Canada i think.

fleuger99 says:

I don’t like the look, ugly vehicle. Also VW AG leadership are a bunch of lying criminals, no VW products (Audi Porsche) for me.

Ahmad Abed says:

The interior looks like the interior of Audi Q7 but it is better

Christian Obregón0711 says:

is beautifull

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