Volkswagen Wolfsburg assembly plant FEATURE electric cars production VW eGolf & GTE

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Boštjan says:

Holger, great host and tough questions. I don’t want a funny driving car on the road 5:36.

Nam Duong says:

How similar is this to the Mexico plant? =)

Asif Ahmed says:

I dont understand this dude!

kalimul says:

Stop blaming the batteries, they have dropped to $200 per kWh with GM claiming they are paying $150 or less per kWh from their supplier which means that their 60 kWh Chevy Bolt costs exactly $9000 for the batteries installed in a $37000 car. There’s plenty of money left to build a car around it and make a profit. I understand you can’t make a $20000 or $15000 car with the same battery capacity yet, but nobody is asking VW to do that. Build 60 kWh electric cars that people want to buy. Right now the $30000 price point is achievable, enough with the excuses.

cuger60 says:

excellent video – good work , great host.

MrMadness says:

Great video!

Hilton Camons says:

I love VW cars!

Mohammed Bemmoussat says:

لا الاه الا الله محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

Randy van Vliet says:

I don’t want to see cooperation between the government and the car makers, I want to see charging infrastructure having cooperation between the private business electrical EVSE providers and electricity producers in the USA, and the car makers. Fuck anything involving the government controlling utilities that provide electricity for electric cars.

odzandenz paul says:

i wonder what the range on the fully electric e-golfs are

gordon bennett says:

Thanks Holger – a great presentation.   Really good.    I like the idea of a plug-in hybrid, a Golf GTE, or a Tiguan GTE, but as Holger says, they’re very expensive.   I don’t know much about electricity power stations, but I understand there is very little reserve in the electric energy grid at present, without electric cars charging. How will the grid cope when everyone buys an electric car and plugs it in?

car addicted says:

Intersting insides and interviews to the production of the Golf!
I´m really looking forward to the upcoming E-cars of VW !

kalimul says:

Laughable, they don’t even make a 60 kWh model while Tesla just released a 100 kWh model. Who could really believe they are committed to electric vehicles when VW has no good ones? Do better and people will believe, right now all they got are compliance cars.

Ben Galvin says:

Is’t the accelerated development of e cars part of the penalty levelled on VW by the US government? When are they going to launch a Tesla challenging e-golf. THAT is what would redeem the brand in my eyes. I hope it is soon, because I’d like to try that car and would be prepared to pay for such a car.
Thank you for your excellent content and for what it’s worth I’m sorry about all this Brexit nonsense

BokiXI says:

Any news from VW if they are going to upgrade the GTE batteries like they’ve done in the e-Golf or as has been done in Zoe, Leaf and i3?

Mehmet Bakır says:

we love vw

Pierre M says:

Golf GTE it’s a marvellous car , with the sérious and quality wors of VW. !!

DrDuu says:

I think to use the same car design structure for fuel and electro is not a good choice. VW did not use the benefits of e-car like a Frunk. Additionally a e-car user will not get the same design inside as in a fuel car. More space more flexibility is possible…I think e-car user will get all benefits and a new driving feeling but not in an old fashioned fuel car…

Luke W says:

VW were wrong to cheat EPA in trying to sell excess stock of old technology euro 5 diesels to USA instead of better Euro 6 versions. Latest UK independent tests show the Golf Euro 6 TDI more than meets the standard in REAL world driving unlike most of the competitors who were not caught up in the scandal. Had VW sold Euro 6 engines there would not have been an issue. The danger now is it goes now an unsustainable EV / PHEV route. Musk can afford to make a loss on Tesla. VW cannot.

Kenz300 x says:

VW should be producing all electric vehicles. No emissions. Diesels are bad for the environment.
Climate Change is the defining issue of our lives.

cuger60 says:

we need more electric cars on the road, gas powered cars are antiquated and clearly outdated.

kiehm93 says:

Könnt ihr auch das Werk in Emden besuchen ?


is that a new brighter blue!? it’s not pacific Blue… wish they had that color at the start.

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