VW e-Golf Touch new 300 km as Volkswagen Golf Facelift preview – Autogefühl

Compare Volkswagen I.D. electric car concept: https://youtu.be/OHC1vhM5xIg

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Vytautas Gečas says:

what is the weight of this awesomeness?

David Price says:

Range and build quality mean I am very tempted to consider this as my first electric car when it becomes available, but I don’t like the patterned seats at all.

Simon Stafrace says:

language space is a disaster and their is no fronk why they do not change I bet that if their is a fronk safety would also improve. Reason being as their would be nothing to intrude the cabin in an front impact

Tadeu Ferreira says:

will you be posting the i30 preview?

Stoffendous says:

The E-Golf will be blown away by the Bolt/Ampera-E. I can’t belive they still proceed in launching it with such a limited batterycapacity.

mart0225 says:

Moby makes an appearance at 8:20.

Mourik131 says:

Hi Thomas,
I really like the GTE to. So at the end of the year they will present the Facelift of the Golf?

su se says:

when is this car ready to come to Canada? cant wait.

VWdeni says:

Are you going to the LA autoshow?

rif42 says:

The tar-tan seat tissue looks terrible.


RS3 review ?

KL M says:

Anybody knows when the new generation Golf is introduced??

sebxx says:

I’m not sure why VW put the iCockpit so upright, it feels weird compared to how the typical gauges would be to the driver eyes (already got this impression in the Tiguan).

I like the bigger entertainment screen, but why leave the dedicated MENU/HOME/CAR/APP solid buttons ? they could go virtual, and just keep the volume somewhere else (centered at the bottom in that oversized bezel?) to provide even more room for a bigger screen.

Still no USB TypeC?

saggo1712 says:

Thanks very much Thomas. This is still not going to work with the high speeds of rural driving and the long distances between towns that we have in Australia. I think Hydrogen may be a better option in countries like mine.

BokiXI says:

Keep up the good work Thomas. Watching every review you guys make!

Cleide santos says:

35k euros? Are you kidding?

MrTechfreak95 says:

What about Charging, will it now have a 3-Phase Charger or still 1-Phase?

car addicted says:

Great and modern interior **
Really looking forward to the facelift 🙂

rif42 says:

What about DC charging? When will VW make cars that can CCS quick charge at 80-100-150 kW?

kreandi says:

Autogefühl – deutscher Name. Dann alles auf englisch, mit einem starken, deutschen Akzent. Sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig, für mich. Ein Tip: Loddar Matthäus als native speaker engagieren. Oder Günther Öttinger. 🙂

pipsicle says:

Have Volkswagen dropped the E-Up? I always thought it made much more sense as an electric car.

Lucian says:

Why they put the centre display so low i don’t understand, stupid design anyway…

El Kimpo says:

I love the egolf but 300 km is too little. Everybody else is doing 500+

Sandman says:

Honestly, VW sucks at e-mobility! I’m really dissapointed, esp. by the concept. Come on, 2020??? Look at Opel, Chevy, Nissan, Renault, Tesla!

dzonikg says:

Golf with gasoline engine cost 15000 euros in my country and this 35000 euros …engine and transmition probably cost 5000 euros more then electric motor which is totaly cheap ..then you add cost off batteries which are around 200 euros per KW and this golf has probably 40 KW so add 8000 euros…so 15000 euros – 5000 + 8000 euros =18000 euros…that is how much this e-golf should cost and not 35 000

graham hewitt says:

Why the hell put sport seats in this car and the gtE,people that buy this kind of car want comfort seats,no wonder you are selling hardly any ,every vw dealer I have spoke to,say the same thing young sporty driver won’t buy this kind f car,older people like me that want one test drive ask about comfort seats and are told you can’t have them,I wanted a gtE but could not get comfort seat as on my 7th golf,so I did not buy one now you are telling me I can’t get an egolf for the same reason,I know you Germans are never wrong and alway right,but let us have an option for comfort seats,you will sell more,gtE and e golf I promise ,

Piano Black says:


New Car says:

so good..i like this

Keino Neil Edwards says:

What year E-golf is this and is it available now?

Justin Fall says:

Lieber 100km weniger und ein Auto welches sich sehen lassen kann. 80% von uns kommen locker einige Tage mit 300km aus. Finde den egolf das weit weit bestaussehendste e-car (abgesehen vom Tesla der das doppelte kostet) Wer lieber einen Renault Zoe fahren möchte… viel spaß

The Informant says:

THOMAS, this is an absolutely DISGRACE to make a 11 minutes review of the e-Golf already outdated in terms of range or a 20 minutes review of the “over-priced” Ampera that will be released in Winter 2017 (500 kms of autonomy for… Winter 2017, 30 000-35 000 €uros !)… while you send a colleague to make a 40 SECONDS VIDEO (!!!) of the new Renault ZOE (400 kms of autonomy for October 2016, 23 600 €uros), the REAL GAME CHANGER…
You are definitively the best car reviewer of Youtube in my opinion, but it’s sad to notice that you are biased and promoting too much GERMAN cars, despite your statements…

kiehm93 says:

Weißt du ob das Active Info Display optional ist ?

courtney Vegan says:

r.i.p. analog display.

Didi78180x says:

Sad as hell. A Renault Zoé has 400km of range in thé Street TODAY.

hasan farhat says:

I don’t like the asymmetric infotainment system, but I am just nitpicking here, this car looks awesome.

Christoph G. says:

9:48 “We as a producer can not do it. It has to come from the state.” Just ask Tesla the same question. 😀

Chris Till says:

The VW guy didn’t seem very convincing as to why you would buy this car over an Ampera-e. The only people who should buy this car are VW Golf fans who don’t cover many KMs each day. Just lease it for a couple of years and then get a longer range e-Golf or an ID.

Zahari Stoyanov says:

Just watched a review of the 85-miles-per-charge version and got disappointed that exactly VW failed on engineering it mileage-wise… I’m glad I clicked on this! 🙂

V10PDTDI says:

I personally like the e golf better than the ID concept because it’s available now and for repair later on most of the body and suspension,steering,brakes etc… Are the same as a regular golf so the long term repair will be cheaper.

Jeff K says:

I love the interior everywhere except the plastic trim on the dash board, which looks much better on the GTI.

Jordan Brueck says:

Kann es sein das ihr aus deutschland kommt wegen der ausprache

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