VW Passat 78.5 MPG (Imperial gallon) 65.2 MPG US gallon in the Uk

PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING!!. THIS WILL PISS YOU OFF, VW is not allowed by the US government to sell high milage cars to US consumers. VW even makes the cars here that get 78 mpg but must ship it over seas. I have added this link that shows a test drive world record with the passat which was 75 mpg US http://www.vehix.com/blog/most-popular/fuel-efficient/vw-tdi-drives-1531-miles-on-one-tank *****UPDATE**** I am still upset with myself for saying “THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION”t. I understand that it is government regulations that crosses over all party lines. It was just that i had watch Obama talking about better milage cars and that was what upset me to make this video. Please understand I do not place the blame on him alone, this has been going on for decades. It seems this one poorly said statement has put off a lot of people to this message. and the wrong camera angle.


Easton Williams says:

I’m going all the way with this, I’m so freaking pissed, and with the Toyota Yaris Diesel, look at that 85mpg

limbodog says:

Our legislators don’t write laws, the lobbyists do. Detroit is a HUGE lobby. I’m not sure I believe that Detroit can’t get laws passed that would allow them to sell more efficient vehicles if they wanted to do so.

Blank reg says:

Agenda 21 !!!

ken kunishige says:

Balls,  VW and BMW and MBZ  can bring a diesel to the US market. Why can’t Ford?  The point is Ford knows how to make a diesel car and that is what I want.  I don’t care where the engines are made. I don’t want to buy a VW.  I don’t want to have to pay $40K to BMW in order to save on gas.   I want a cheap diesel offering from Ford just like they get to have in the UK.    Ford is great at offering multiple engines options for the same car.  Look at the mustang. 

luigigarcia64 says:

thanks .. SHEEPLE = USA

fivefatcats says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Just makes me frustrated!!!

David Mckee says:

Good for you Brian, I am in the process of helping my AMERICAN mother in law buy a car in the states.. I live in Europe driving around in 60++MPG big cars and she cant get close to one…. Wake up AMERICA you need to stop letting them (your Government) treat you like kids and get it the way YOU want it….

John Steel IV says:

Alternatively, the smaller Golf BlueMotion 1.6 TDI five-door uses exactly the same engine as the Passat BlueMotion but weighs 191kg less (about the same as two passengers and their luggage). As a result, it offers better straight-line performance than the Passat BlueMotion, but it returns even better economy (74.3mpg combined) and emits even less CO2 (99g/km). And it’s cheaper, too, at just £19,430.

E Trike says:

Most of gasoline taxes goes to pension, not the roads as people are told.

niceguy60 says:

in Europe our Volvo’s & BMW’s   can out run some V6’s  in acceleration and Top Speed and Still Achieve 78 .5  MPG   Don’t believe me ?
1 -http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201406074835954/sort/default/usedcars/page/1/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/postcode/nw73sr/radius/1500/model/s60/make/volvo/co2-emissions-cars/up_to_100/advert-type/standard-listing?logcode=ucnnp

Jeff RT says:

Yes, and the price per gallon of fuel is over $10.00 in the UK too. The oil profits are controlled. Wake up.

strictlymetal says:

way to film in portrait mode. anyway, we also pay a road use tax, which goes to road repair and isn’t attached ro fuel cost. the engine options in european cars that allow for the higher mpg ratings don’t sell well here because they produce much less power making for slower vehicles. add in the fact that an imperial gallon is nearly 20% larger than a US gallon and the fact that the testing done in europe to calculate mpg is far less intensive than epa testing and you’ll see where the differences come in to play. VW brought a small engine tdi vehicle to US markets in the early 2000s and nobody bought it. can’t believe everything the guy at the dealership tells you and if you do a bit of research, maybe you can stop blaming it all on the current administration. seriously.

SomeGuyFromBristol says:

If a car is 78mpg here in the UK, it would be around 65mpg in the US by doing conversions and fuel duty tax is over here in the UK and it makes up for about 50% of the price per litre. In the US, you have it easy because you have around $1 per gallon however in the UK, it’s around £1.40 for only about 25% of that. You would even more mad to hear that that equates to around $8.97 per US gallon. Think about that the next time that you rant about not being able to get more efficient cars.

Jason Carpp says:

I got to visit England a few months ago, and I got to ride as a passenger in a cousin’s Range Rover, I believe his was a 1998-99 County. I don’t know what it was, but I remember it had a turbo diesel engine. I don’t know what the size was, I’m thinking either a 2.8 litres, maybe 3.0 litres. I remember how incredibly quiet it was. People complain that diesels are noisy. But with the bonnet (hood) closed and everyone inside the SUV, you couldn’t tell that it was running. I was also amazed at how good its fuel economy was. I believe it was around 20 mpgs, and this was a full load of people, and luggage. Why such diesel engines aren’t allowed here in North America, and in particular, the USA, is beyond my comprehension. The reasons this guy mentions, I’ve heard countless times over the years, which I think is so bullshit. Car buyers should be the ones who should decide what engine their vehicle should be powered by, not the US-EPA.

The Naggerboy says:

If there’s a U.S. Government conspiracy to not allow high mileage vehicles to be sold here due to the loss of gas tax revenues, then please explain why Nissan is allowed to market its 100% electric Leaf.

Zach Payne says:

If you want a 50mpg car get a golf tdi, and do the “bluemotion” package yourself… All the package does mostly is lower the car a littler and add Low rolling resistance tires. Two easy mods you can do yourself. Friends 2.0TDI 6MT golf gets 55-60 mpg highway, it’s awesome too because it’s his show car. It’s bagged and everything

Christopher Krempa says:

We rented a Ford Grand C-Max 1.6 CDTI manual in Europe during 2012. We drove from Munich to Austria in and around the Salzburg area. The car got a combined 4.6 l/100km (or 51.1 US mpg)………… FOR A MINIVAN ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I think the next closest US most fuel efficient minivan equivalent (Honda Odyssey) gets around 24 mpg…………. what a joke! The car drove nearly 650 miles on a tank and since we drove about 1100 miles, we only had to fill up twice (the second time being when we had to drop off the car at the airport). I personally think that US cars are VERY INFERIOR. Diesel car ownership in America is around 2% and in Europe its about 55%! Its time to learn what other countries do better than us. I personally think the EPA does many great things for this country like standing up to oil companies but I do not agree denying us 50 60 70 80 mpg diesels is acceptable.(aka TRUMP DOES NOT NEED TO DISMANTLE THE EPA) Given the choice between buying a Tesla or a diesel car I would choose Tesla BUT I don’t understand why this technology was not offered to us for the last 20 30 years. There’s a lot of things messed up with the US car market. Hatchbacks in Europe are sold here as sedans. Almost no station wagons(estate cars) are sold in the US either. Opels are sold as Buicks. French cars (Citroen Renault Peugeot) have not sold here since the 80s. VW hasn’t brought SEAT or Skoda over. FIAT wasn’t reintroduced into America until a couple of years ago. WHY? Also why aren’t more manuals driven in the US. In America 5% drive stick and in Europe 85% drive stick. AUTOS ARE FOR PU$$IES!! So even though I’m an electric guy diesel needs to be sold here! Time to slash CO2 by 50% and maybe increase NOX by 2% THE PAYOFF IS IMMENSE!

Christopher Krempa says:

I also suggest looking at these UK car review channels that show all models sold in the UK and their respective mpg figures: Carbuyer, Carwow, Auto Express, Telegraph cars, Car keys UK, and Inside Lane. I also like the Australian channel Caradvice

Easton Williams says:

If the EPA isn’t lobbying in DC for these right now, CLIMATE CHANGE IS A SCAM

Dan James says:

I meant to type in MPGIS and accidentally typed MPGUS and this is where YouTube brought me XD

Clifton Quinn says:

wow, just amazing.  Seriously, people need to see this and wake up.  We just need another model of tax revenue.  With the extra spending money we have, there will be tax revenue elsewhere.

boy Racer says:

told u. American are crazy. cant see any point. to stop that model

Ben Higgins says:

I know this is old… 40mpg more smog, 20mpg less smog, but it takes the 20mpg 2 gallons to go somewhere, while 40mpg only uses 1 gallon for the same somewhere, but I don’t have numbers to say that in 1 gallon it created less or more smog then the 2 gallon.  Does anyone have such numbers?

Cliff Gokenbach says:

Since no reasonable remedy is available due to corrupt lawyers, the only option is to revolt against “their” goverment. This government is not ours. this government is created by lawyers, for lawyers, not the American people.

MLG420 Mcswaggerten says:

Hey there, if you think that’s bad in the uk especially they have hybrid motored cars which can give you 100mpg + I’ve seen the absolute latest models boasting 150mpg which bare in mind are completely normal looking cars not those strange beetle space pods. Crude oil shouldn’t be wasted as it’s invaluable, America needs to take a page from Germany’s book. Fuck off china get all the jobs back in the USA even if it’s initial cost costs a fortune after a generation America wont need fuel taxes as everyone will be exchanging money through the work and manufacture within America.

Zach Payne says:

And BTW a car that gets 45 mpg in the usa is comparable to about 65 mpg in europe, the euro cycle is too optimistic and there really isn’t that much a difference in the mpg of the US 2.0 tdi and the euro 1.6 tdi. Maybe 5-8 mpgs real world.

Zach Payne says:

fuel economy is calculated differently between US and Europe. A Prius over there is rated at like 65 combined, over here, its only like 40 combined. It’s because our gallons are smaller and their test cycle is horribly optimistic. It’s not as big a difference as it seems. That 1.6 TDI really would probably only be rated at about 50 mpg highway here, and it only has 110 hp, very slow. The 2.0 tdi which is sold here ( about 43 mpg) is the better choice

Ivan Grishagin says:

Just moved over to the UK from California, and rented a car a week ago. Got stunning 51.2 mpg (US gallons) over 860 miles on a 2.0L diesel. Started researching this issue and found this video. This disparity is ridiculous. Sigh.

Southern Cowboy says:

Trump wants to dismantle the epa vote trump

Zach Payne says:

And BTW guys if you’re really angry about this, just look up “TTIP”. There is a good possibility that within 5-10 years most of these hyper-fuel efficient diesels will come to the US, when European and US emissions/ safety regulations are aligned and trade barriers get knocked down. I personally want a VW T6 Transporter 2.0 TDI 4 Motion. Awww yeah bitches

Jason Carpp says:

The thing that pisses me off is that most diesel cars that are allowed in most car markets (Europe, the UK, Australia, etc.) aren’t allowed on North American soil unless it uses some kind of device that robs the engine of its power and/or torque. Why? I like clean air as much as anyone, but not if it robs the engine of its power, torque, and sacrifices its reliability diesel engines are generally known for. That’s bullshit. I think the emissions standards the USA imposes on car makers are unrealistic, at best, and someone needs to tell the assholes in congress that.

Robert Kaschner says:

Sounds like the American Letter Mail Company.

Ley says:

who cares, all you people like is giant engines, bigger the engine the better, right? all you care is having the bigger engine the bigger truck bigger tires bla bla.

fromero69 says:

Another reason why we need smaller government!

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