VW Technician Competition Video ~ Direct Fuel Injection

Every year VW has a competition for dealership employees. They call it RQC Retail Qualification Championship. It consists of several rounds of testing. In round 3 technicians submit a video explaining direct injection fuel systems. Here is my submission.

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Gaston Mechanic says:

Very clear presentation. I believe you are going to win.

Minnesnowtan says:

An AXE against the fuel tank!?!? What is this, a Pinto? Probably better than using Dr. Winterkorn’s head though.

pSyk says:

Nice video, but you went a but too mad with the editing there. ^^

Stenio Fernandez says:

always good to keep updated..do you read any books or dealerships send you to do training???

jamie sweatman says:

Hope you win I watch every video you do you are very talented

John Gibson says:

Good luck hope you win

Dave England says:

Interesting. Had a high pressure fuel pump problem recently, thankfully certified pre owned and was replaced quickly on my 2012 turbo beetle

John Gibson says:

Great vid my friend

Braddubz says:

Great video man. Congrats on making it to the finals. I didn’t make it past round 3 this year but made it to the finals in 2014. It was a lot of fun but super challenging. I’ll try again next year. Best of luck, you will have a lot of great techs to compete against.

Brad Watkins

Jin says:

Kudos to VW for offering opportunities like this to their techs.

Corrado VRz says:

This was great Charles and best of luck, I hope you make it to the next round.
I passed the first round in 2013 and was 1 of only 7 who made it thru the first round in the whole Southeast region that year but sadly due to having to move unexpectedly I couldn’t continue on. I miss VW. 🙁

Engineering Explained says:

Hello everyone AND WELCOME! 😉 Love ya buddy, good luck!!

jaems gorg says:

excellent presentation…..!!!

Nefarious Rogue says:

You get a thumbs up just for the MIB2 reference!

deadguppy888 says:

do the injectors have a loud clicking noise?

Chris Hachet says:

Neat video!

Lance Duer says:

great video! I always enjoy learning something new.

rhkips says:

Nice!! Well done, Charles! Best of luck to you in the competition! 😀

Jeremiah Fix says:

Ha, I thought charles an advantage because VW likes to confuse people.

Niklez7 says:

Great video.
not sure i have faith in VW cars after 2002 models. they are just filled up with sensors and complex tools . for simple that fuel injection valve on video 4.48 . it will fill up the holes in no time of the fuel injection valve.

ExaltedDuck says:

The ECM is the brain. The heart is the water pump. :-p

AnHRTBus says:

Hope you make it all the way man. There are many great techs in VAG, who do awesome work and go out of their way to satisfy their customers needs, but you seem to be the only one going as far as you can to explain how, and why VWs (and to some extend Audis) need this work, or that maintenance. For a guy like me, who grew up rebuilding things like my ’66 Mustang, some of these systems get a little complicated to understand, but with a little guidance from an experienced hand are quite easy to work on. So basically big thanks for your videos man, you’ve helped me keep my ’07 GLI Fahrenheit destroying Hondas. Good luck!

Ak998 says:

Great Video Charlie ! Hope you win ! Greetings from Alaska

Daniel Flores says:

Very informative video Charles! However the 4 lobes are on the exhaust camshaft not intake camshaft on the particular engine you are showing. Keep up the amazing content, very enlightening to young up and coming technicians like myself.

Todd Dembsky says:

I think you have got the blue ribbon. Now if you can just make my 1.6L Kia Soul make more than 130 hp — I will buy you coffee for life….
(no turbo or supercharging allowed, all ideas will be judged by Jason EE)

Aaron Yauger says:

When your gonna send me that vr6 clutch ? Email me 17yaua@gmail.com

Lustfulvengance says:

Amazing and very professional video!! Coming from a master tech (9 ASECerts + A&P license) you have a very good understanding of GDI and are also very talanted when it comes to video editing!!

The Zeeuw says:

o a fsi

DeadBeatFlyingJackass says:

Why does the ECU PWM the low pressure fuel pump instead of simply driving it on solid? I thought the low pressure fuel pump was not metered and was sending constant pressure/volume. Is it because it is a return-less system?

mischief007 says:

Great video.  Difference between Canada and the USA.  US does it every year for their dealership employees.  I’ve been at a VW dealership almost 4 years and they only offered it once here in Canada.  Americans get all the good things :).

weatherme3 says:

Way to go Charles, good luck!

Beaudoin Motorsports says:

That was awesome!

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