VW Volkswagen Tiguan FULL REVIEW test driven 2017/2016 all-new model neuer

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Autogefühl says:

Also check out: Full review VW Tiguan R-Line with BiTurbo-Diesel: https://youtu.be/YfhkZ_tqDVQ

madant1977 says:

Nice, but would still go for SEAT Ateca.

Cagri Yilmaz says:

Which one do you prefer? Tiguan or CR-V

josephXL1 says:

Nice car – featuring improved C.H.E.A.T technology to help with those tricky emissions tests…

Autogefühl says:

Seat Ateca FULL REVIEW: https://youtu.be/zFa9mNGowLE

Alex Alex says:

I drove the 2.0 150hp diesel highline today. It’s a very comfortable car, very spacious in the back and well equipped, however I think the design of the car is boring and the engine is somewhat disappointing, but this is, of course, subjective… I will buy an SUV in December and my choice will go to the CX-5, I also drove it and cannot forget it.

eyeCU13 says:

I think the new Skoda SUV (which is coming soon and it’s based on the vision S concept) is going to kill this Tiguan with better design, better price and pretty much the same specs.

Declan Fleming says:

First class review. Best I have seen by far. Full marks to presenter and crew. Awaiting delivery of my Tiguan to Ireland. 8-10 weeks! Can’t wait. Car looks perfect but I suppose time will be the real test. Am interest to see what the fuel consumption will be. 2.0 TDI. I get 53 mpg on my Audi A4 2.0 TDI and will be happy with that.

Iggy rockabilly says:

33:20 question about small window beside back mirror what is the point, cutting the cost or?

Stewart Clanachan says:

I am very impressed with this car. it’s very handsome no it’s a beautiful design and the interior quality looks great. my 2016 audi a4 still has the edge on interior quality bit it really is stunning inside. I recently sold my audi q3 but if I wanted another cv I would seriously consider this. thanks for great review.

John Dougal says:

Thank you for the video! Can’t wait for the NA version.

Li Derek says:

The new Tiguan feels like a 10 thousand times better car than the old one …

Don Pablo says:

ateca looks muchs better tahn the tiguan

The Purge says:

my dad ordered one and it will be delivired fot 4 months what i dont like its the engine sound it sounds like a tractor

Serge Khmur says:

Real world reliability is always an issue with VW. Lease may be but never buy

Iggy rockabilly says:

I love this channel he is very detailed , gives me a lot of information that you don’t get at the dealership. He remained me of Superman in movies. hahaha.

gordon bennett says:

6 months ago you wrote here: “I can tell you guys, that was exhausting. I really hope that this will be one of your most favourite reviews :)”.   I watched the review when it came out, though I did not comment.   But now, in reply, I say, “Yes, Thomas, thank you. This is quite an old review now, but this is one of my favourite reviews.”   The location is beautiful, the camera work and editing is great, I love the images looking forward through the windscreen, and you seem to be enjoying yourselves.   (One person said the review was boring(!); some say VW are boring. I am a car enthusiast so am never bored with Autogefuhl as they show us all about a car; and I’m never bored with cars!).    Oh, and the car you are driving here is quite nice too!  (The Tiguan in its standard spec is expensive compared with its traditional rivals: Qashqai, CX-5, Kuga. But in its “full-spec” fully-loaded form it is better equipped, less money and of similar – ha! – quality against the X3, Q3, XC60, Disco Sport and GLC…?).

Sttm35 says:

X3 look alike…. VW has to get rid of this new boring design concept and follow its far eastern rivals.

Timur Lundholm says:

Ordered the new Tiguan GT TDI190 yesterday! Delivery in september.
(live in Sweden)

Tomas Bozik says:

Thanks Thomas… really nice reviews for Tiguan… you should be paid by VW.. 🙂 You convinced me to buy one today… 😉

x111 xxx says:

AWD for this city cars is absolutely wasting your money and it’s completely useless thing.
AWD you need only on cars like Jeep Wrangler and other than are trying to be close to it.

blabla62871 says:

looks 100x better than previous one

Sick Idol Derivative says:

Thanks for the review! Very informative. Is the sensitivity of boot easy open system controllable?

Baby Dave! says:

I love the style of this review. Amusing, informative and precise!

Shin Ken says:

The problem with having a large digital screen as instrument gauge is that it’s harmful and stressful to the eyes if it’s not low-bluelight and anti-flicker! There’s a reason why newer computer monitors have those features!

Hicham Merzoug says:

Ich finde es wirklich faszinierend

Igor Petrovic says:

Perfect compact SUV and perfect review 🙂
I recently discovered and started to follow your channel. All your reviews are very, very good.

Lee Cripps says:

Thankyou so much for your review. Can’t wait to order a new 237bhp TDI in the UK.

Autogefühl says:

After watching this video, also check out our recent Tiguan review on- and offroad: https://youtu.be/YP57qj6AmPA

wolfzr2 says:

This is easily the best car review I’ve seen. Thorough without resorting to gimmicks or lame YouTube humor. Thank you!

Edison Siew says:

You deserve more subscribers

ExotikZBoy17 says:

I like the car a lot. I hope the US version looks like this

CSSPlayer2000 says:

wieso nur englische Videos, wenn der Name des Channels deutsch ist?

Tibor Tatrai says:

Very very overpriced!Full loaded HRV for the basic modell at VW?German will not sell a lot telling ya.

guestpau says:

I’ve just bought a Tiguan, I was looking forward to owning it until I watched this video and it bored the pants off me !!, Jesus, 1 hour for a review its a car not a movie

Steve b says:

Thanks for your very comprehensive review. I’m about to order my new Tiguan and you have sold me on the panorama sunroof 🙂

Yves Martens says:

Very well explained review!
We have bought the 1.4l TSI VW Tiguan today in full metallic black exterior (looks really beasty!) We are ofcourse keeping our fingers crossed incase of annoying factory malfunctions it might have.

Overall this car is sublime to drive in and i personally love the design with LED headlights!

Li Wang says:

Chinese market will only produce the 7 seats model, and the 5 seats model will be imported?….tax will be soooo high…

Hannnnnzi says:

Mic should be adjusted louder. And one question here, is this new TIguan quieter than Passat?

Liviu Florin says:

The doors is full o plastics inside and sound cheap, also the middle part between driver and passenger. VW made a compromise with this…Also I noticed a delay sometimes for the touchscreen. The rest of the car looks nice and solid..

Wernhart Weisser says:

3:33 what a beautiful background

jaymzmc2104 says:

I like all of your in depth reports and especially this report, as I am awaiting the delivery of my R.Line. So, is it possible to talk a little more about ergo seating, the ambient lighting in the door trims and the lighting around the panoramic sunroof…preferably at night, or in a low light environment. Keep up the good work.

Yu Ning says:

disappointed by the design, front face too heavy, back light and side line reminds me the old bmw x3 …… that’s more than 10yrs old design

beri232 says:

These are not very attractive cars. They remind me of a modern day Lada! Lol

Carolyn Hemingway says:

This was an excellent review. I appreciated how thorough you were in explaining the engine variety. I own the 2010 version and I am very proud to see the Tiguan grow up. This is well a built vehicle that has quality materials in the interior. Yes, I too love the sound of the closing doors. The seats are so comfortable I could drive for miles with no fatigue. It is the most fun you can have on four wheels. This is engineering at it’s best. You get a fun driving solid machine with the human touch.

Edison Siew says:

I got a 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan 162TSI Highline with panoramic glass sunroof. In deep black pearl effect. Can’t wait! Picking it up this Friday!!!!

The weird thing is that the 162TSI highline has duel split chrome exhaust while the 140TDI highline and all the other variants only have the normal 2 pipe exhaust on the left.

I am super excited because my model has the most powerful engine for Australia! And it’s 0-100km/h is 6.5 seconds! It’s the 162kw/350nm torque from the GTI!!!

And it looks amazing!

Von S says:

Awesome review! Do you know if I can install a hitch bike rack? If so do you know if it is a 1 1/2″ or 2 ” hitch ? I do not need the ball tow hitch as it does not allow for the installation of a bike rack.


mk5721 says:

Is it me, or do the brake and gas pedals seem too far offset to the right?

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