VW XL1 Turbo Diesel Hybrid — The Most Efficient Car In The World

MotoMan takes a look at the VW XL1 Turbo Diesel Hybrid and learns that the ingenuity employed in its engineering and design far exceed its technology. MotoMan is joined by Volkswagen Technical Developer, Christian Kolano.

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Ali Madad says:

150,000$ for a fuel efficient car?

jackie says:

70 HP?? WTF???!!

Martin Fisker says:

1:55 Nope… less area =/= smaller coefficient of drag. Does reduce the drag, but not the same

rover215 says:

I’m surprised they even used a standard VW badge on the front- TOO MUCH DRAG!

Nik Szu says:

this is SO wrong  ._  .

Talons X says:

that is not the right ad for the porsche. that was volvo

Hogwit says:

Decreasing the frontal area does not affect the coefficient of drag. The coefficient of drag is a function of drag for the frontal area. Decreasing frontal area does, however, decrease the cda which is the coefficient of drag multiplied by the frontal area, basically it’s the overall drag.

PaleHearse says:

The most efficient cars in the world.. are electric.. sorry. They don’t have to haul around a petrol generator.
Now if you are talking about efficient ICE car.. sure.
This is where things get interesting. The current battle is one of material development for batteries.. not hybrids. Not if one is talking efficiency.
Range? That is a matter for some discussion yet. Turbine generators running on CNG might be more efficient generators. Lots of work to do there yet however.

I do have an issue with the use of the word “efficiency” in the title here. It may be an efficient combustion driven car.. but it’s not as efficient as electric conversion to motive power alone.. sorry.

Walt G says:

It’s a joke! Pressboard dash? Cardboard!! Only 250, it’s a play toy for VW and they are hoping to get some R&D $ back.. A toy crank for toy windows, give me a break, this is turkey a joke!!

MsZeitgeist85 says:

The Bugatti Veyron of economy cars.

Jason Lurf says:

Why does the rest of the world get better fuel economy? Why can’t the US? If you have enough power to speed up to 80 mph, why need to go any faster??????

Souheib Merge says:

The mistake they did was opting for the DSG. They should’ve used a normal Automatic gearbox and save like 50KG or so

Bom Malai says:

If the Prius was made by German automakers it would have had a price tag of $70k and still be the most unreliable car in the world.

Harry M says:

whu would want such an ugly, useless piece of crap, especially for that price?

Michael Gorlitsky says:

There are cars that can run indefinitely without fuel, but they’re not allowed to manufacture them, and even showing them to other people can get them killed. There’s still plenty of evidence out there though that this is definitely not the most efficient car. Don’t trust the government or the JREF to tell you what is real either. They’re all in league with the illuminati empire.

D1AK0NDA says:

Diesel? Volkswagen? Volkswagen Diesel? Liar, liar…

frozenoscar14 says:

more like the best scaming car in the world

Saturday Car Fever says:

It looks like a handicap mini car.

Dustin Morris says:

I guess it isn’t so efficient after all now hey? hahaha

The Cursing Photographer says:

its going to be interesting when the US market gets more and more saturated by small hyper efficient cars. i can see 20 years down the line when getting less than 50MPG is considered being a gas guzzler and my darling kids will yell at me for driving a 4cylinder Mazda for most of my young adult years.

Sam M. says:

i would spill my double gulp on the “press board” dash lolz

MrBoggy101 says:

Well the efficiency is moot now that we now it pollutes harder than a humvee.

Leo Johnson says:

Why do they have to make it so fucking ugly…

Ducksauce says:

don’t most volts get 300 mpg

matthewa123456 says:


scott cameron says:

why would I waste 150,000.00 on a car to be the first to drive it. What a waste.

yasser aboamoud says:

not money efficient car 🙁 .I would buy a toyota gt86 and spend the rest of the money on fuel .and still have money to but another car after 10 years

koushik sriram says:

I have heard that it can go upto 100 kmpl …Does that mean Xl1 at nearly 0 percent charge and in 1 l of fuel it can go 100 kms??
or it is 100kmpl plus some initial electric power?

Optimus PrimeG1 says:

no radio?

The Wide Open Life says:

the mitsubishi outlander PHEV gets 2L/100km in hybrid mode, cost 100’000$ less – there are alot more of them – isnt so damm ugly

so it roughly gets around the same MPG as the VW because (lets convert to metric here)
10.2L divided by 496km is around about 2.05L – a very minimal increase in fuel consumption

but for the better price tag, better looks – what are you better off to buy?

Blake Bias says:

Wonder how far it would go with 20 gallon tank

Hazel games says:

> 150,000

I’d rather buy a Tesla model S

xIAMDAVEx says:

Did they forget to make a back window??

Con Petersen says:

wish i patented the camera mirror idea years ago. it seemed common sense.

MPGster s says:

if I could afford a 150,000$ car, I could afford a car that gets 5mpg, and that explains why its going to be so limited.

Domenico Rutigliano says:

so I have to spend 160K for this shit car ? Tesla Model S is less expensive.


“The Most Efficient Car In The World”


mike hay says:

so vw say;)

quest 34667 says:

germans know how to build cars.

Ducatiboy73 says:

Love the review…..too much coke or caffeine my friend

LaSainteParole says:

Oh very nice, another rigged VW !


give me that chassis and drop in the Golf R motor, some wider tires and boom! Most efficient fun car ever 😛   Seriously  though, I wish they were cheaper and sold in the US…. I want to drive a spaceship to work everyday please! I love the design, this thing in traffic makes all other cars look like they are from the stone age. great review, Wish I could’ve seen one in person while they were here 🙁

Dennis Barnes says:

were can i recess i

pfcpdh says:

low coefficient of drag is not going to equate to an extra 100+ mpg in ANY vehicle except maybe a Naval aircraft carrier. I bet they are vaporizing fuel.

Fatso Currywurst says:

they got a Cheek them Hitler – Rippoff`s after stinkin us all out with that Test – Fraud…( ich sollte einen umsonst bekommen weil ich eure Reputation ruiniere,hehe..)

llmasterswordll81 says:

150k are you out of youur mind suck my tip bitch why would i drive that piece of shit for that nasty fucking price might as well get a bmw

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